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Day 9 – My New Toy! February 4, 2006

Posted by Mick in Diary.

Well, I’ve been playing around with my new camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ30) that arrived yesterday.

It’s a rainy cool day and I don’t much feel like heading into town, so I will take a few shots of the house and surrounding area.

Now that I have my good camera, anyone is welcome to check out my Flick account here. Leave comments, or join up and add me as a friend.

All of the photos that I deem worthy of uploading will be added to Flickr, so check back regularly!

In the meantime, here is the view from my 4th floor bedroom…

My View



1. Yellster - February 4, 2006

It looks kinda spooky outside your room, it has a x-files feel….. Are you, MacDaddy D and Tinning doing anything together for the Superbowl?

2. Dean - February 5, 2006

Spooky indeed. Made me think of the opening scenes of Silence of the Lambs.

3. Anonymouser - February 6, 2006

So I wander over to the Australian embassy in DC today and the Visa office is closed?! I had a question for the Visa people!! Sheesh.

4. mickrad - February 6, 2006

Ooops! What time did you come? We’ve gotta have lunch too 😉 Although those Immigration people are slack as!

5. Anonymouser - February 7, 2006

I was there about 3 PM. I walked from the library of congress all the way to the embassy and in the front door and there was a BIG sign: “VISA SERVICES CLOSED!”

This poor fella. All I’m trying to do is get help on my Student Visa app to study in Australia. Can’t a seppo get a break?


6. Rowie - February 10, 2006

Can we see more of the house and grounds please! Also something other than sports areanas. Howabout some Washington stuff?

7. Rowie - February 10, 2006

I thought Blair Witch project.

Can we see more of the house and grounds please?!

Also something other than sports areanas. How about some Washington landmarks? We saw the embassy the other day with all the AWB controversy. Building looks way dull!

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