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2 words. June 26, 2006

Posted by Mick in Sport.


Yeah, we lost.

Yeah, we are out of the World Cup.

Yeah, we weren’t expected to even make it to the second round.

Yeah, we all still feel like shit.

In our own heads we all know that we probably weren’t going to make the Quarter Finals of the World Cup. The Final 8. But we all secretly also knew that we could give those big teams a shake.

We gave Italy a good shake. We should have gone to extra-time. It was a bullshit penalty and we all know it.

But I know we are all proud.

Only 4 years to go everyone….



1. Angie - June 26, 2006

awwww sorry! We’re out as well, but that was a given.

2. ozbhoy - July 22, 2006

Bloody oath!

Dirty, filthy, cheating half-men bastards that they are!

I am currently travelling through Italy and the filthy pricks are still celebrating.

The way they are carrying on makes me want to throw up all over their Gucci sandals!

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