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Paradise on Earth August 8, 2006

Posted by Mick in Travelling.

The 'Infinity' Pool

Sunrise and the Gazebo

Yes, these are my photos. I was worried a little that the brochure shots might not be accurate. I shouldn’t have worried!

This is the view out of my room…

View from the Room

It was awesome. Just some of the best 5 days I have ever had.

Mexican people are wonderful. We went for a bike ride through a small Mexican town and we were saying ‘Hola’ to everyone and they were waving and all. We visted some freshwater pools (cenotes) which were absolutely gorgeous. Deep fresh water that you could dive into from rocks or ropes. Families were down there having a picnic or just relaxing. And this was in the middle of a Mexican jungle in the Riviera. Panthers are around!

The resort was better than i could have ever hoped. “All Inclusive” has become the 2 best words in the English Language! Food was great, drinks were plentiful and the pools and facilities were top notch. There were some bad reviews for this place, but I can’t believe anyone could have a bad time there.

Click on any of those photos to check some more photos I took whilst there.

Now it’s back to real life again. I don’t want to work, I want to swim on a beach forever!

We tried to stay another night but it was going to cost too much to change the flight. Dammit!

Oh well….there’s always next time!



1. Dean - August 9, 2006

Holy *&^ that place looks fantastic! Dare I ask how much this all cost??

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