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The Countdown… October 30, 2006

Posted by Mick in Diary.

Well. Time is running out.

I am only going to be in this country for 47 more days.

I made the decision a couple of weeks ago and basically decided that I don’t want to miss any more of my children’s growing up, particularly when one little boy starts kindergarten next year and the other is talking, growing and becoming a little man before I know it. I had never made my final decision on when I was coming back until now, which is why really I didn’t appreciate the attacking and disparaging comments that were made a month or 2 ago.

It has not been an easy decision at all. I have reasons to stay, and also reasons to go. If I made a list, there would be more reasons to go, but sometimes it’s not the amount of reasons, but the importance of those reasons.

This year has been a roller-coaster ride, but I have loved it all.

From finding the best American beer (Yuengling, in my opinion) , to downing way too many on a weekday night after work.

From consuming 20 too many chicken wings on a Tuesday night to throwing up in the same bar’s toilet on my birthday.

From checking out bands at the local venues (The 9:30 Club is awesome), to seeing Guns n’ Roses live in Baltimore (Oh yeah baby. Only 2 more weeks!)

From only knowing 3 people in the Embassy, to knowing dozens and making lots of friends.

From living on couch to couch every night, to staying with a wonderful person who has let me into their home and heart. (Thank You so much, Pip)

I hope that I won’t regret this decision, but I basically feel that it is the right one for me and my kids at this time.

So, time to start thinking about summer, cricket, Tooheys Extra Dry, Westies, Triple J, people saying ‘Mate’ and my friends and family, but it’s also time to not forget my time here, the things I have experienced and the people I have met.



1. skyeinnewyork - October 30, 2006

Yay I’m on the Blogroll!! (finally some love) Well I think you have made one of the many hard decisions in your life .. not the first and certainly not the last… and Im sure the time with your kids is something no father would want to miss… and your kids would love to have their dad around again. You should be proud of your time here .. what you have learnt, who you have met .. and where it is going to take you next .. blah blah blah how much more crap can I say?! Maybe I should just write a song about it.

I’m not going to say I will miss you because I know we will keep in touch and still remain good friends no matter where in the world you or I am… but I will miss your silly .. I mean interesting conversations at work…but its ok I have Alex now and Andrew (even though Im on the blog you still got some work to do hehe). When I get back for a holiday next year I will def come for my second ever time to Canberra (it cant be worse than the first time!) and you can give me the 30 second tour .. oppps I think you said 30 mins … or you can come down to Melbourne and see where all the real people live lol .. j/k . xxx

2. Enny - October 31, 2006

It sounds like you’ve made the right decision =o)

3. xneverwherex - November 3, 2006

Well the good thing is, DC isnt going anywhere 🙂 considering how much i really dislike the place (interesting since I own property there. And if anyone needs a place to rent in the near future, please get in touch with me), Id say next time make a long-time stop in San Francisco. Yeah im California biased! somehow you can put the girl everywhere else, but california never leaves. If you have time during turkey day time, you should come out. I can give you a proper tour of SF 🙂

And hopefully one of these days ill make it to australia. Can visit you, Chris and Matty and a few other friends all in one trip. Would be fun. Then I could see You Am I in their stomping grounds. Speaking of You Am I (*hint hint*). Just teasing!

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