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This page is going to contain a list of celebrities that I spot during my year in the US.

Maybe I won’t see any, but I thought it would be interesting to keep track of….


27 Jan 06 – Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist, Flea was on the same flight as me from Sydney to LA. He was even in the Customs line right in front of me with 2 women and a baby. He was born in Australia so he visits often. I would have asked him when the next Peppers album was coming out if I’d have caught up to him and chatted!

25 Feb 06 – Met the ‘real’ Patch Adams (the one played by Robin Williams) at a party in Georgetown. Funky dresser and funny guy, but he got totally pissed and people seemed to looking at him funny

08 May 06 – Nearly ran into Kurt Russell, whilst walking down 7th Avenue in New York. He was talking on a mobile (probably not Goldie) and people gawked. it was funny.

01 July 06 – I watched the England v Portugal World Cup Game at ‘Gatsbys’ in New York. Who else was there? Orlando Bloom of course! He was there with Lois Lane (from Supermand Returns), Kate Bosworth. He’s a nice guy, but no photo proof. Sorry girls!

15 July 06 – A whole day in LA and not one sighting of a celebrity! I did see Henry Winkler’s house being built, and Julia Robert’s place in Venice, but no sign of the stars. (apart from the money grabbing fake ones out the front of the Chinese Theatre and Kodak Theatre.)



1. Mom - June 9, 2006

Hey come on where are all this Celebs, hiding huh?

2. andi - April 17, 2010

Nice post, good job. I have recently started my own blog so its handy to learn from what you have going here. Many Thanks.

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