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This page will list all the states that I have visited out of the 50. I’ve decided I’ll count any state that I have travelled through or stopped at…

1. California (CA) – Landed in Los Angeles after all! Saw the whole transit lounge 🙂 (Updated 15/7/06) – Toured LA and stayed in a hotel. I think it really counts as being there now 🙂

2. New York (NY) – Landed at JFK Airport and took the NY Subway to Penn Station. A fun way to start the trip!

3. Washington DC (DC) – I didn’t actually get outside of the train station here first, but it’s where the train got to from NY after travelling through a few states to get there

4. Virginia (VA) – I headed out of the metro station and Huntington and this was my first taste of the air in the USA.

5. Maryland (MD) – The first day I was there I was taken to Sugarloaf Mountain, just north-west of DC. Another state down!

6. North Carolina (NC) – On the 18th of Feb, I first travelled down to this (almost) Southern state. Lots of open country and a cool Irish Bar with fish and chips!

7. New Jersey (NJ) – Stopped at a Gas Station in Jersey on the way to New York. They talk funny. It counts cause I bought something there

8. West Virginia (WV) – Where the Shenendoah and the Potomac meet, my tubing adventure began. Wooo!



1. Washington state residnent - December 16, 2009

Just so you know, Washington DC is not a state. Washington state is on the West coast. But not to worry, even Americans seem to mix the two up on a regular basis!

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