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My mate Yellster suggested that I keep a log of what I weigh while I am in the USA.

I do not have a great expectation of American food, and the sheer ratio of fast food is against me.

Come back here to keep an eye on my weight throughout the year.

27/01/2006 (leaving Australia) – 81kg (178.5 lbs)

22/02/2006 – 81.7kg (180.2 lbs) – I think that’s pretty good considering the crap I have been eating! Too much 5 kinds of melted cheese, burritos, burgers and chili!

22/03/2006 – 82.2kg (181.2 lbs) – Hey. That’s pretty good. The portions here are huge! I’ve been walking a shitload as well!

14/06/2006 – 81.7kg (180.2 lbs) – Riding my bike, drinking beer and not eating much seems to work!

12/08/2006 – 80.7kg (178 lbs) – Hey, it’s the lightest I’ve been since I moved here! Not really sure how, but I guess I have just sweated it all out…



1. Mom - June 9, 2006

Hey that’s not too bad at all! The weight I mean……

2. larry - June 25, 2006

note to visitors:
while in the united states, pay close attention to the volume of food you put in your mouth. we yanks love to serve it up big…try it all, but watch those portions, just because its on your plate doesnt mean you have to eat it… otherwise you may be taking a larger waist size home with you

3. rachel - August 22, 2006

if youre trying to lose weight, come up to New York. Since moving from DC, I’ve lost 10# without even trying! Thank you New York.

4. Charles Adams - December 27, 2006

In another 40 years you will remember why you are the way you will be when you think of what you are eating now. A lot of that Yank food is less than crap, you will know then, just like I do.
A known for my plain speaking.

5. Mya Elase - July 5, 2009

Strange i happened to pass by a pic clicked it and ure blog showed up…. cool blog by the way. anyways thats not a bad weight. i weigh 115 pounds. Bye

6. Chris Hagebush - January 26, 2012

You can lose more weight by making your own meals. Fresh produce section at Safeway, nob hill, or luckys. Those are grocery stores btws

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