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Weird American Shit

This page is going to contain all of those weird little things that Americans have here and the things that they do that makes them so American.


1. Jill - June 6, 2006

I don’t know where you’re showering, but my handheld massaging showerhead is to die for!

2. Glenn - June 7, 2006

The lamp thing is doubly odd when the powerpoint is linked to the wall switch (it tok forever to figure out why some sockets didn’t work). But turning on red is so useful

3. Lady E! - June 18, 2006

Frankly, I don’t think the phrase, “You’re welome” is a part of the american vocabulary system. One can always tell americans are about…not only by their unmistakable loudness, but by their, “Uh-huh” or “No problem”.

Anonymous - September 18, 2010

Hey! You can’t just go around implying that all americans are rude. I may not be american, but seriously?! That statement in itself is rude. I happen to know a lot of americans out there who go out of their way to be polite and courteous, and who DO say “you’re welcome,” so you should take that into consideration.

Anonymous - February 12, 2012

Thank you! I’m American and we even put the “magic words” in kids shows!!! most of my friends are quiet. plus, many of the greatest inventions were from HERE!!!!! including air travel!!!!

cdog - February 3, 2013

I’m american, but the chinese were the ones to invent air travel( hot air ballons).

cdog - February 3, 2013

I’m american, but the chinese were the ones to invent air travel( hot air ballons).N

fred - December 23, 2013

maybe chuese ivented hot air balloons, but I remember the french brothers Mongolfier started the first ari travels

Anonymous - May 23, 2014

And you are the very reason it was typed, take a joke.
– American

shelley - December 16, 2014

Thank you. Your fellow human American.
aka Shelley

shelley - December 16, 2014

Thank you. Your fellow human American.
aka Shelley
btw reading all this makes me want to tell you all one important thing…
we, no matter where we are from, are all human. Respect it.

anonymous - March 11, 2011

I didn’t realize saying no problem was rude? I always kinda felt, I don’t know…pretentious saying “Your welcome”. Go figure.

rose - March 17, 2011

? How so?

Anonymous - February 25, 2013

What do you mean how so??? If you say “you’re welcome” in America most people are going to think you’re a suck up or you’re not sincere and btw “you’re welcome”? What is that even supposed to mean?!?! You’re welcome to do what???

aussie - July 20, 2013

It’s just an expression, numbnuts. It doesn’t HAVE to mean anything, it’s just being nice to others

Anonymous - May 26, 2015

“It’s just an expression numbnuts” ha. “No problem” is just an expression. Numbnuts.

Jane - April 6, 2011

I don’t understand what you find it rude to say “no problem”.

Anyway, all this formality gets exhausting.

fiona - October 4, 2012

no problem shldnt be rude?
i dnt know what these ppl are going on about.
its like the equivilant of saying ‘no worries’ in australia.
everybody here says no worries.

trudyjh - May 30, 2013

In spanish, de nada, it’s nothing. Maybe it’s the Brits who are weird.

Anonymous - February 28, 2014

i personally am very careful when i say your welcome cause it comes off pretentious in most cases and i dont know about you but most of the time for example when i lend out a pencil in school and they give it back i still say thank so its hard to find the appropriate places to say your welcome so i feel like in america we just made a different way to do it

Sarah - September 23, 2014

It’s because saying “Thank You” is something that must be done…even for unimportant things like receiving your change. If you say “You are welcome” you are implying that your action is worth their “Thank you” which we all agree silently it really is not. So we say “Um Hm” to down play the importance of our action. Because they deserve their change or burger or whatever little thing they had to say “thank you” for.

Anonymous - July 21, 2011

No problem is a phrase, that means your welcome. Take it or leave it. Its a pleasant and commonly used phrase, that Im sure your country has as well. “Frankly” is sounds like ur being arrogant.

Anonymous - July 27, 2011

No, “No problem” is indeed rude but it’s just become accepted here in America, as the collective intelligence of our society goes further down the toilet. Hey, I used to say it, too, but I’ve been cured. A friend thanked me for something a few years ago and I replied, “No problem,” to which he responded, “I didn’t presume it was a problem. I’m just thanking you.” Every since then, I’ve replied with the courteous, gracious, “You’re welcome” when someone thanks me. Having had this pointed out to you, you’ll do this now, too, and you’ll be a better person for it.

You’re welcome.

Thomas - December 9, 2011

Wow Anon, your friend sounds like a pretentious cock.

Clayburn - April 25, 2012

No problem is just saying “Don’t worry about it,” It wasn’t a big deal. It’s being humble. It’s turning down their thanks, by saying that it was not a huge favor. You’re releasing them of their debt to your kindness. So, it is courteous. I can see how people might take it otherwise, and I’m sure it can be said in ways that make it seem unfriendly. But the idea is modesty. And modesty is supposedly a virtue.

Besides, why respond at all? I just did you a damn favor. And now you want me to welcome you because you thanked me? You’d better thank me! Now we’re even.

Anonymous - October 24, 2012

“It’s nothing” is our way of saying “It didn’t inconvenience me and I expect nothing from you, you don’t have to worry about paying me back.” So it’s that. It’s reassuring the other person that the deed was one of selfless goodwill.

If someone says “you’re welcome” to me, I’m more likely to think they’re expecting a favor from me in the future or are going hold my debt over my head. But if I hear “it’s no problem” I can relax and not worry abut keeping score.

Americans don’t like to be indebted to anyone and they don’t assume selflessness is present in others. It’s polite to reassure someone they owe you nothing.

Chris Hagebush - January 26, 2012

it’s because us americans like to be different 🙂 America the one and only lol!

GoodVIbesandlight - June 5, 2012

Ya the one and only country who has all of its citizens eating their ass. and really trying. I just hope that the the majority of the population hasn’t gone through the demoralization process of brainwashing a nation. Demoralization IS NOT irreversible, which means a person is so far deep into the lies that if someone where to show you 100 percent proof of government fraud, or brainwashing babies and little children to come out ahead. And all of this shit is done by americans to americans. talk about lack of Moral Standards.

Will - February 17, 2012

Um “no problem” means “it was no problem for me to help you”. I’m going to refer to you as a foreigner since you seem to think you have the formula for figuring out an American. I don’t understand how “no problem” can be misconstrued. It’s just something else for the world to complain about Americans.

Anonymous - June 1, 2012

I completely agree with you and clayburn. No problem is never meant to be rude. It’s a way to be humble and say it didn’t bother you to help them. I even say “no sweat” sometimes. It means the same thing.

Anonymous - August 22, 2014

It’s completely rude talk to any elder or anyone who has even the slightest bit of respect or properness and they will tell you how rude it is and that you should actually say to be polite Thank You

rightwingnutsandbolts - December 13, 2012

To be fair, in Chinese, it’s 没问题, “not a problem”, 没关系,”forget about it”. In Spanish, it’s “danada”, “nothing” in French “da rien” “it’s nothing. So, it’s not just and American phenomenon. Danke schoen.

troy - October 17, 2013

No problem man is like no worries mate.

Anonymous - October 27, 2013

No shit

Taylor Kang - February 1, 2014

saying you’re welcome is considered rude in the US

Michael Abracham (@mjasfca) - February 28, 2015

It most certainly is not.

Anonymous - February 9, 2014

Funny I was just in Australia, and NO ONE knew what please thank you or your welcome meant either, huh, Australians are much worse than americans

Anonymous - July 19, 2015

Unless you were in an area that didn’t speak English or something I don’t know why because everyone in Australia says thanks and you’re welcome or no worries.

Alexander Joseph Harrison - February 11, 2014

Hey I Am An American And I Am Not Loud, I Say Thank You And You’re Welcome. I Guess It Depends on Where You Go Here. It Is A Huge Country So Don’t Classify Us All As The Same.

An American Otaku - July 20, 2014

We do say “You’re welcome”, thank you very much!

Saffron - August 3, 2014

I am American and I hate loud people. I just want to punch people right in the face when they are on a bus or train and cannot simply shut up. Or talk at a normal level. No one cares what you have to say so say it quietly! I also hate the laws here, hate fake politeness, hate how they think words are spelled correctly when it is clearly wrong- colour, etc. Hate the attitudes, hate the way everything is priced missing the tax. I hate the system for temperature here. Makes no sense that freezing here is 32 degrees, it needs to be zero. I generally think everyone around me to be a loud, annoying, uneducated freak. I do not fit in and am glad in a way, because who wants to be like them? Not I. Everyone in this country is either reslly fat or way too skinny, no one is normal. As far as talking to ourselves, however, I have seen it all over the world, and I also do so, not because of mental issues, but to ward off stress and personal anxiety. Like when someone next to me is screaming at the top of their lungs just having a conversation. I want to kill them. Instead I talk to myself” why cant people shut up? I do not feel like listening to noise. If I can hear someone right through my headphones, they are way too loud and need to quiet down.” Etc. and hope the offending moron does overhear me. Either shuts up, or tries to challenge me, because then I will punch them. People have no right to annoy me in public. Also, as far as driving is concerned, I do not drive, I walk or bus, and turning right on red lights is horrible to me! Drivers can and should wait. Pedestrians should always have the right of way, and I think cars should have to stop no matter what the light is, for someone on foot out in the elements, cold, heat, rain, and them in a comfortable vehicle? Stop. If you can afford a car, then you can afford to wait for a person to cross. As far as patriotism goes, not me. I hate this countries laws, Gov. policies, and fake so called freedoms that do not even exist, not for me anyhow- I try to be myself, express my own beliefs, and live my way, and I get harrassed by cops and regular folks alike. The flag needs to be less worshipped, all we are is just another country amongst many, not superior, just there. Our economy is crap. We are no better than the rest. People here are rude and stupid, and those of us who think so are not, but have to deal with stupidity and it wears on you. Please do not judge us based upon the general public being idiotic, loud, and ignorant.Some of we normal Americans who know USA is just another place, and not God, are just as bothored as you by the flag waving nonsense. Our country is horrible to the poor! Millions have no healthcare and get sicker or die because our Government cares only for money, not if we die. They leave us homeless and never help. I myself was for 8 long years. My country couldnt care less if I froze to death in the street.My country expects the sick& disabled to survive on disability pay that is like $700/ month, while rent alone costs more than 650 for tiniest places. No food, no phone, nothing. My country is evil and uncaring, college is not paid for.You are on your own and if youre like me, no living family left, no savings, illnesses, and reliant on others, you are basicly never going to be or have anything. So I ride the bus next to loud as heck people and morons, cannot afford a car. I hate this place and its people. American dream is a lie! Citizens like myself cannot even afford food sometimes. Never come here if you are lucky enough to be born elsewhere. I want to move to Europe, maybe England, and escape. I do not think I can find work once there though, not being a citizen. So if ever I win a ton of money, I will be leaving this country in five minutes.

Anonymous - May 31, 2017

Maybe you should walk your cynical ass down to Mexico.

shelley - December 16, 2014

I am sorry, but you are incorrect. I was raised to say please, thank you and your welcome.
it depends on how the individual was raised…
thank you.

4. larry - June 25, 2006

every country has a signature phrase, Canadians have eh, Aussies have gday…we are loud, we are obnoxious at times..but we are who we are..good bad whatever, we make no apologies, if you think you might not like your visit, buy a round trip ticket.

Anonymous - May 31, 2017

No, people from NY, NJ and New England are loud, rude and obnoxious. Different story down south, we actually have manners.

5. spankme - July 25, 2006

The ‘chips with that’ is like Kiwis asking for scallops. They expect battered scallops of the seafood variety, and are really surprised or feel they were ripped-off when they only discover battered mashed potato. 🙂

6. Van - August 8, 2006

Lol, awesome observation about us. I think this line is the most factual about the American people “It’s like, people just can’t accept change and new things”.

Anonymous - July 21, 2011

I dont know what part of America your talking about. A lot of people here love new things and change. As far as Im concerned buttons and switches dont fuckin matter and placing an entire theory on Americans is ridiculous. I say your thank you and your welcome everyday. If your in a big city or not the best part of town or speaking to a tired waitress thats been working all day, you might not get a your welcome! We all have our home in whatever place that may be. We should accept others and learn its okay to be dif. Every place sucks in some way. AND I LOVEEEE PICKLES.

Anonymous - October 30, 2011

I appreciate what this response says. There are so many different opinions in this world!

Educated American who wants to get out... - July 3, 2012


7. Jason - August 19, 2006

The TV commercials crack me up! Especially the pharmaceutical commercials (“ED” anyone?) where they espouse the benefits of the drug in question, and then REALLY quickly list all the possible side effects at the end like the ads you get in Australia at election time.

And the fact that you can turn at red lights.

anonymous - March 11, 2011

Huh, I thought everybody did it that way. Do the ones where your from not tell you the side effects?

Anonymous - April 27, 2011

What he means is it is strange pharmaceutical companies still expect people to ask their doctors for pills with ridiculous side effects, if that happened in the UK the company in question would not sell anything.
However I do think america has an overly negative stereotype, the majority of the population are probably very polite.

Chris - November 27, 2011

What with most Western countries having socialised healthcare, adverstisng prescription pharmaceuticals on television doesn’t really happen outside of the US. You get whatever your doctors – the experts – believe to be best for treating your condition. Telling your doctor that you want a specific medication because the TV told you to get it seems very strange.

8. Rex - October 20, 2006

And another thing, they dont differentiate much between afternoons, evenings and nights. A Teacher in my highschool says to a student , “Liam please dont joke around in class. Havent we talked about it last night”?. The heck does that mean school ends in the evening at 3 – 4 pm or so. Did she have a romantic conv. with him in actuality last night on the phone?..

Jane - April 6, 2011

Okay, maybe this was ONE weirdo you encountered because I can tell you, after living my whole life thus far in American, that’s not the norm.

9. Georg - November 15, 2006

I am a German who lives in in the U.S. and in regards to the toilets here:
They get stuck extremely easily (I am in no way overweight if you know what I mean). Maybe it is the plumbing, maybe it is the small pipes. Maybe there is a limitation on how much toilet paper can be used. Toilets in Germany hardly ever get stuck, a plunger is an absolute must-have in every American bathroom.

Educated American who wants to get out... - July 3, 2012

It’s because American toilets are environmentally friendly. The less water you use, the greater chance the toilet will clog.

rightwingnutsandbolts - December 13, 2012

Not necessarily. The best toilet in all my rentals is a cheap, 4 litre job. It never clogs under the heaviest use. Maybe the four-inch drain line helps. I don’t know.

10. Some American Girl - January 31, 2007

I believe some of your statements are a bit exaggerated and unfair. Just because America operates different from your country doesn’t mean we’re weird. We’re different. I have neve been to Australia, but it sounds very exciting and if I do go, I know I would be amazed at all the different things that I am not use to-not put your country down because it’s not what I am use to.

Rex, their must have been something going on in the night time with that teacher & student because we know how to tell night from day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! As for the picture of George Idiot Bush, I don’t believe there’s a pic of the president and vice president at the LAX just because California is strongly against him and something like that would trigger some kind rage. As for the showers, standard showers are built like that, if you’re rich, you probably can get a shower where can control pressure. Well, America is not perfect. No country is.

Jane - April 6, 2011

I’m an American too, and you’re an exhausting dork. No one needs this useless speech, no one is saying OMG AMERICA IS SO WEIRD, and we all know “every country is different” blahblhablha. Save it for your 6th grade culture studies paper.

Team Awesome - June 19, 2011

Seems like your stuck in highschool with that horrible attitude! Btw there’s something called freedom of speech, so don’t judge Some American Girl she’s just sticking up for her country.

Anonymous - July 21, 2011

Grow up Jane. U need to stay in your own country and shut ur pie hole- thats and American phrase thats similar to shut the fuck up! and Your welcome 🙂

Anonymous - May 27, 2013

Weeing myself, too funny jane

11. Monsieur Lapin - March 27, 2007

Brilliant list. Pure hilarity.

You forgot to mention that Americans have their “feelings” hurt very easily by any criticism of American culture, no matter how accurate or humourous.

anonymous - March 11, 2011

Listen hear frenchie, I bet you wouldn’t sit tight and quiet while others ripped on your nation, no matter how accurate or humourous.

BunnyGirl - May 10, 2011

I totally agree with you Mr Rabbit. I find that Americans are generally so uptight about anything that doesn’t present America as the greatest country in the world.
In response to anonymous March 2011, I have a sense of humour, (often what Americans lack) & if somebody takes a dig at my country I don’t get my knickers in a twist!!!!!

Team Awesome - June 19, 2011

That’s cause you lack nationalism. You should tack pride in your country and stand up for it when people are saying nasty things.

Chris - November 27, 2011

Nationalism is seen as vulgar and ignorant in Europe. We learned our lesson from WW2. Sadly, it appears that Americans did not. Your blind nationalism worries us, because we know that it will only lead to disaster.

It’s one thing to be proud of your country. Mindful patriotism is fine, so long as you always remember your country’s shames. Blind nationalism is idiotic.

Anonymous - February 12, 2012

knickers? u must b brittish. and we only get mad when u rip on us because we don’t rip on you!!!!! Ps knickers r called underwear here. we hav a GOOD sense of humour. yours is dry. look up lonely island on youtube. that is our kind of humour. or tubuscus literal trailers. go eat a crumpet u freakish britt

Anonymous - May 27, 2013

AMEN! Preach it sister!! But seriously. Chris and bunny have it spot on

Anonymous - May 27, 2013

And on the topic of a good sense of humor, one must only turn on their ‘cable’ for the latest dish of butchered British comedies and toilet based jests

12. valaki - March 30, 2007

hali! Nem tud valaki angol káromkodásokat? Pl.: Bazdmeg! Anyád! Seggfej…
Annak nagyon örülnék 🙂

Chris - November 27, 2011


13. Skitzo - April 6, 2007

Question of course…did you go to the south? You are expected to say please,thank you, your welcome, yes ma’am, no ma’am and all that jaz when down here…and i have curtians…but they are ugly as heck…

14. Peter - April 10, 2007

They’re not used to people looking at them as the outsiders… they always talk about other countries as being ‘different’ so they probably would take it more heavily hehe.

But “Some American Girl” has a good point, it’s just different. There really is no such thing as weird or normal.

American - July 3, 2012

Probably because the entire world is becoming westernized. It’s not like we are the “outsiders” when we control everything.

rightwingnutsandbolts - December 13, 2012

Poor, dillusional person. No country controls it’s own destiny. It’s all orchestrated by trillionaires. Blind American pride is keeping all the little froggies asleep until the water boils.

15. Zelda - April 13, 2007

What an interesting list. I actually want to know what other people think about us Americans. I think we probably would look weird to you, but everyone looks weird to us, too. I’m not at all offended. I am sad, though, about some of the facts about my neighbors. Too many trucks, bad drivers (although, my taxi driver in Italy was unbelievably bad), loud voices. I think I want to get away for a while…

16. Scott - April 13, 2007

Funny list. American and Australian mindsets are more alike then one thinks, relative to those of Europe. I think we both have more conservative political ideas (less government).The thing with my country is that you could be from one part, and and be quite out of place in another. I consider myself a good driver compared to most here. I know what you are talking about. I did not know our toilets are that bad relative to other countries. I will complain to my plumber next time he comes. We can agree on one thing as well. Fosters and Budweiser suck.

trudyjh - May 30, 2013

I think Americans and Aussies are similar; we both told the Brits to take a hike.

If you think U.S. toilets are bad, go to France sometime.

17. F_T_W_ - April 22, 2007

well if you find our country displeasing to you, then why visit it?? I love to visit other countries and I have friends all around the world. I find none of these other countries offensive, different yes, but that is a part of cultures, if there were no different cultures this would be a far less interesting world to live in. Don’t you think??

18. ahmad - May 18, 2007

The weirdest thing about americans is that they are suffering paranoia the whole world is their enemy.In this delusion waging wars on countries in the name of terrorrism, like the british did about communism. well, I don’t like americans ,bossing around the world!.
why not let it go? 11 sep was a fake jewish joke…Americans will bring their downfall by their misdeeds…get rid of bush(sr & jr)…They are destroying you…

Anonymous - July 16, 2013

Correction, paranoid Americans suffer paranoia that the whole world is their enemy. If I could I would visit every country and I don’t care what paranoid Americans think, I am myself. And I don’t care what’s going on if I like a country I like a country, most people that I am around don’t even engage in politics. It’ll make you loose your head.

19. Treen - May 25, 2007

11. Monsieur Lapin – March 27, 2007
Brilliant list. Pure hilarity.

You forgot to mention that Americans have their “feelings” hurt very easily by any criticism of American culture, no matter how accurate or humourous.
The reason for this is because America is the only country in the world that you can talk shit about and it’s somehow acceptable. I don’t quite understand why this is true. Americans are unable to make the slightest negative remark about another country without severe reprehension, this is a double standard if I’ve ever heard of one. If an American was to point out the problems with your country you’d think he had lost his mind. For one reason or another, it’s acceptable to talk shit about the US. Please remember America is a big country with many different types of people with many different opinions, ideas, and culture. Yes, America is different. Is that a bad thing? Or should the whole world conform to YOUR set of standards?

Anonymous - May 31, 2011

rock on!

Lyka_XVI - January 25, 2012

“Yes, America is different. Is that a bad thing? Or should the whole world conform to YOUR set of standards?”

The irony in that sentence is astounding, as Americans believe the rest of the world should conform to their cultural values.

I’m Australian like the blogger, and i can tell you that we’re constantly getting jokes about how strange we all are and the weird shit we do, and we take that in good humour. Hell, no one makes fun of Australians more than Australians do.

Lots of Americans crack jokes and talk shit about other countries, but when we respond in kind, like a child some of you cry and complain because you love to dish it out, but hate taking it from the rest of us.

Anonymous - January 27, 2012

There’s a big difference between cracking jokes and blatant hostility. I think that’s what the original poster is referring to here. Americans are often told that they are evil, corrupt, rude, self-absorbed, and ignorant. In my experience, this is untrue for an overwhelming percentage of the population. It’s true that some people will get offended at the slightest joke or remark, but I think it has a lot to do with constantly being criticized on a personal level by the rest of the world.

Anonymous - February 3, 2012

I think you all need to consider that the “Americans” that are waging war on terrorism, and wanting to change the worlds views aren’t the American people but the government. Most of us think the war was unnecessary, especially considering it was our brothers, fathers, sisters over there fighting. We can’t control every action our government makes, as much as we would like to. As a previous poster pointed out, our nation is proud of who we are. Not because we think we’re the greatest, but because this is where we grew up, it’s where our families are, and no matter how messed up our government might be at times we still believe and try to change things. I don’t consider any country above another. We all have differences that make us unique and special.

Anonymous - January 16, 2013

Couldn’t have put it better.

mericannn' - February 22, 2014


20. x...Lil miss Auzzie chick...x - June 14, 2007

hahaha that “”chips”” thing is soo funny and true ….i’ll keep it in mind if i eva go to America lol and another thing iv always thought Americans were always so animtaed like they neva stop with the talking and the smiling arrrggg its anoying…..yer sooo one last thing

AUZZIES RULE!!………………u Americans also rule a lil i guess =]

21. capt. america - June 21, 2007

u r just jealous u cave people from a penile colony and i meant penile u tools

22. TBinSTL - July 7, 2007

Our toilets suck(or don’t) because they were regulated by the Government some years ago to a maximum amount of water per flush. In the good old days they produced a satisfying and effective “Whooosh” as up to 3 gallons of water swept all the contents away. Now we have to flush 2 or 3 times and sometime still have to bring in the plunger.
BTW, from your comment about replying “uh-huh” to a “thank you”…I’d like to thank you for saying thank you. Few foreign visitors do that, I guess Australia has better manners than most.
Is it true that in Australia saying “thank you” is properly answered with a head butt?

Lyka_XVI - January 25, 2012

“Is it true that in Australia saying “thank you” is properly answered with a head butt?”

Possibly, if you’re in Queensland at the time. But most of us will just say “You’re welcome” or “no worries”

American - July 3, 2012

Let me guess, “no worries” is somehow lightyears better than “no problem”?

23. Tikky - July 9, 2007

Lol at Capt.america, …….tell me this, Why dont americans suffer from piles?? Cos they the perfect a_holes ! just joking, i see all the above as good fun and humour and would not be offended if there was similar stuff written about us Aussies.

24. Luis - July 15, 2007

Any one who wants to criticize the American way can kiss our asses.
All you A-holes wish you could blow up the world like only we can. Support out troops!!!

25. European - July 18, 2007

Hahaha! So typical Amurrikan:

“larry – June 25, 2006
…if you think you might not like your visit, buy a round trip ticket.”

Sooooo typical dumb Amarikun…. they always tell me (I’m European for God’s sake, and happy to be) to go back to my country every time I raise my nose… and they are so dumb and selfish on the expressway… never show the turn light, drive slow on the speed lane and when you approach they either slow down and not let you through, very very often they speed up to make sure you DO NOT overtake them. I’m not even sure whether I’m speaking/writing now in Brit or Amer English, cauze (cause, because) I spent damn 10 yerars in this Bushwankerland. Sorry folks, I’m here on business, not by choice or by luck.

Anonymous - May 31, 2011

I am an American in Europe and I can asure you that they say the same stupid shit here…. don’t like it leave…. it is not unique to Americans but maybe your world is tiny 🙂

Chris - November 27, 2011

I’m British and also of the ‘don’t like it, leave’ mindset. Unfortunately, we’ve been manipulated into believing that that mindset is somehow racist. I know I’m not racist. I believe in assimilation. Not segregation.

Anonymous - July 29, 2012

Dude it’s AMERICAN. Not Amurrikan.

Anonymous - May 27, 2013

I believe it was a joke about the generally more prominent ‘aaarrr’ sound found in american english in comparison to say say australian, british or south african english, eg water would be pronounced war-terrrrrr (american, strong ‘r’ sound) or war-ta, (australian, short ‘u’ as in up)

26. European - July 18, 2007

Oh yeah, and they (Amerokins) are so arrogant, loud and dumb at the same time and at least 70% of them are obese and there’s no one to date here, just arrogant, loud pigs, for god’s sake. Watch out for the door, cause 90% will hold it for you while 10% will let it go without holding it and it’ll hit your forehead since you get used to the door being held by at least three smiling humane beings. Toilets usually have shit all over the walls or too full. Sneezing in public – all they do is bend & spread, they don’t cover their nose to protect the bystanders. Farting in the store is common practice. Overeating is esential, portions in most restaurants are gigantic. Some waiters or waitresses are pretty rude. Recycling is hard to find, they won’t recycle glass nor soft plastic. I guess have to drive 100 km to the nearest city… And the worst of the worst: 99% of them come into your house and immediately ask two standard questions: 1. Where are you from? 2. What do you do for a living? WTF? On the positive note I got helped on the road instantaneously (good point!) while in Europe you get ripped off by paying tripple for the help. I probably missed a couple good poiints such as convenience of living and plenty of churches and some bad poiunts such as complete ignorance and disrespect to pedestrians and almost a total lack of sidewalks and bicycle roads.

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Woa someone’s touchy.

27. karly - July 26, 2007

americans are wirdos! [not all of ’em]

28. StoopidAmairikun - September 24, 2007

Wow, I was expecting a much longer list.

Allot (we actually use it as a word, even though we’re taught that it’s not) of the things that seem “wierd” here in America stem from the fact that we only listen to those who speak loudest, not necessarily those who speak with intelligence and thought.

We have to be lead to a decision, not decide for ourselves, it is the Capitalistic and Democratic way. We buy what the adverts say (note I didn’t say commercials for those of you abroad), we do what the politicians tell us to do. Even though we should think of whether we really “need” a product, image dictates to us that we can’t live without it. And our politicians are supposedly elected to represent us, so few of us vote, and even fewer vote intelligently, that the polticians become a tool of the wealthy minority and vast economic power structure that now controls every aspect of American life.

In my own opinion, the thing that should top the list for “wierd” American things, is the fact that we either express no opinion or express an uninformed opinion so obnoxiously that anyone who hasn’t grown up in this environment finds it utterly disgusting (and yes, I do find it ironic that I am expressing one of the longest “opinions” on this page, sad and ironic).

Bob. - January 24, 2012

No. Allot is not the same as a lot. Check the dictionary.

What I think - June 21, 2012

Ha true but there’s also the other American who pushes through that without whining or complaining. Do the best you can do. You’d be surprised how much louder actions actually are than words which ultimately can’t hold up if it’s not the real deal.

29. StoopidAmairikun - September 24, 2007

Oh, yeah,

American drivers definitely suck. It’s too damn easy to get a license to drive, and too damn hard to lose it. Every single American believes it is a right to drive and not a privilege like it actually is, so they drive any damn way they please, unless they actually see a police vehicle, even then, they keep their attention on the cop, and not the road around them, until they cop turns off and allows them to relax and return to their attrocious driving style.

Nevermind the fact that we all have to own an SUV, not to forge accross vast lands that have no roads, but so we can see over the other vehicles while stuck in rush-hour traffic for hours on end, all the while feeling safer from the eminent car crash and actually polluting the air burning gallons upon gallons of petrol that will eventually clog our longs and have us in a cancer treatment plan, dying a slow and painful death, draining us of the last few dollars we didn’t spend on gasoline or the image-embraced SUV of the month.

Our toilets can suck, but that’s mainly because we put the environment first, at least in the bathroom, nevermind what we do in the corporate boardrooms that destroys everything water conservation laws accomplishes. But then again, our politicians have their priorities straight.

As far as chips go, how the heck does a fry look like a chip? Chips are round, fries are lengthy, and I’d hate to see an American try to comprehend a bag of potatoe crisps.

And you want some great irony, watch the evening news here. After they are done making us cower in fear of everything from dirt on our lettuce to apocalyptic weather events (that may or may not be terrorist related, go figure?!?) we get the adverts, that serious as a heart-attack, go from the latest drug to fight a heart-attack to one for a conglomerated restaurant chain advertising the most food for a dollar to one for the latest heartburn prevention drug. The beast just continues to feed itself.

30. TheInsideJob - September 29, 2007

Hey I’m not a hater of “America” (USA). I’ve spent 10 years in the U.S. of A (not of Mexico or of Brazil as in Estados Unidos de Mexico/Brazil). When I just arrived I kind of liked it, but I noticed many wrong things going on and I alredy 10 years ago predicted that US$, US economy may be doomed soon. The reasons:

LIES: (both private citizens and companies lie to each other)

EVIL: – some contractors or car repair shops for instance will do evil things to your house and your car

UNKEPT PROMISES: it’s like disease in USA, almost no one keeps their promise

ARROGANCY: “we are the best” attitude, especially among USA women. No date is possible with a USA woman unless you are a perfect looking, rich, healthy dude + lucky as well.

BU(LL)SH(IT): that’s the name of your “president” (a.k.a. The Clown, The Moron, The Idiot, The Dumb Criminal, The Bastard, The Bitch, The Piece of Shit, The Scoundrel, The Low Life).

THE INSIDE JOB: yes, you’ve guessed it, the “9/11” has not been done by Arab or Muslim terrorists, it was done “smoothly” by Mr. Bullshit, Mr. Larry Silverstein, Bullshit’s family and his Team and a few others including the Pentagon. Watch the numerous videwos on Google and Youtube before they all get banned (some already got banned by Youtube). What a shame – US Govt. kills 3000 + 3800 of their own and blames terrorists, what a FU**ING SHAME!!! Foreign countries found out in 2004-2007 what has REALLY happened on 11 Sept. 2001 and therefore you are seeing the demise now, the foreign powers were fooled by US INside Job and now they are going to dstroy the economy of the United States. You will see.

THE DEBT: almost every American (USA citizen or resident) is in debt. That includes the US treasury, govt. etc. US economy is owned at least 90% by foreign nations. US dollar is just paper, it is not supported by gold anymore. The gold scam of the past confiscated all gold from private citizens. US dollar is doomed, it’s losing $0.01 every 2 days now. US economy is doomed. The crisis, the hunger, the famine is coming soon. No more obesity in USA, soon.

THE STUPIDITY: the goodness of many US Americans who helped Europe after WWII and who tried to help other countries get rid of dictrators is going turn back on the US. Unfortunately. Because the MAIN REASON is:


31. Jackel Kurwysyn - October 4, 2007

What kind of nonsense is this. Are we supposed to TRUST these guys?


32. StoopidAmairikun - October 4, 2007

Wow, Insidejob,

No wonder you say you don’t hate americans, you think just like them.


You take every stereotype and expound upon it like it is the norm. While I will give you the fact that we lie, we have evil, we have unkept promises, and are arrogant, I don’t believe we are vastly more so in these manners than any other major nations.

And way to be one of the fool rubes who goes for the “Inside Job” conspiracy theory. I’d love to go tit for tat with you, punching holes in every piece of “evidence” you cite that 9/11 was an inside job. My first blow would be… If Bush is such a moron, how the heck did he pull it off?

I’m being a little sarcastic with that one, but it really chaps me that idiots like you walk our streets every day saying, “There is no way that any group, terroristic or not, could have pulled 9/11 off without being in the USA gov’t or CIA.” BS on you, I suppose you believe like the muslims (a minority of them, mind you) that the holocaust didn’t happen.

I however will agree with you on this, as long as there are enough Americans thinking like you, believing the hype that they hear and falling for what is force fed to them without putting any thought into it, the powers that be will only make our nation weaker. It’sd about time some of us got up off our lazy asses and realize that a nation is only as strong as its’ citizens.

Redreaper - June 30, 2010

I’m an ashamed american, and am convinced americans as a whole are clueless as to the TRUTH about themselves. It’;s a bullshit culture that glorifies the flashy mundane,ignorant, selfish, gluttonous, false christian money loving prophets (gloryfied salemen) who throw the
needy under the bus in the name of christ (like the sanhedrin threw
christ under the bus for telling them the truth about themselves).
Americans as a whole are fat, inconsiderate, arrogant and ignorant
(fatal combination) and it’s just a matter of time before redneck
Jim and his cousins prowl the contryside shooting anyone they see,
when the system totally collapses. Then the government will send
out it’s high tech, well armed henchmen. It’ll be a big yippee ki yay party! The inner city, now thats another story. The disposessed, the gangbanger, the drug dealer/addict, the homeless, (examples of how a huge segment of her population lives), and what wil happen there and everywhere else when her rotten unfounded pride crumbles. Bloody chaos and anarchy!


anonymous - March 11, 2011

Aw come on, we’re not THAT bad.

33. Ming Chung - May 4, 2008

FLASH1Innsbruck sucks. Beware of this scammer. Don’t do any business with him. He’s a fraud. Beware and stay away. It’s a warning.

34. Jason - May 15, 2008

I’m an American college student and I actually have to agree with many of these statements. I found the list relativley accurate myself. A shower’s temerature is generally the only thing controllable, but most Americans buy thier own showerheads that allow changing of the strength as well.
Drivers do suck. Beware the ones from Michigan. Pickles do come on many things, but not WHOLE pickles-normally you’ll get a small sliced piece or two on a burger, for example. We do talk to ourselves a lot, and it makes me laugh that it really is that noticable.
I’ll have to disagree with the “don’t accept change” part though. Computers, cars, electronics, or whatever it may be, to most Americans, the newest of them is a MUST have. (unless you visited a poorer area)

On a few of the off-topic comments, however… even thinking about 9/11 is hell for most Americans, and we do not take kindly to such negative comments about it. Hearing comments such as what i’ve seen here about it makes Americans feel as though that terrible act means nothing to anyone but us.

Anonymous - May 27, 2013

Very emotional watching films of the towers coming down but on the face of it, considering the number of civilian lives lost while liberating and etc, rule of karma says the US kinda had it coming. I’ve got the sneaking suspicion it doesn’t mean a terrible lot to many around the world at actually, from experience travelling and conversing with foreigners/locals.

35. mexican - May 16, 2008

wath is american culture let me think tahts a hard one
o i got it MC donalds lol mexicans rule fuckers

A Proud American - May 25, 2011

If Mexicans rule, you stupid beaner, then why do we Americans have to guard our Mexican border with soldiers and guns, shooting your dipshit asses down as you try to hop a fence?
Stay in your own damn country–with its disease, underhanded activity, and poverty. We don’t need you wetbacks here.

HAHA - June 21, 2012

as if anybody wants to do the job of a mexican anyway. white knight get off this plane

American with pride - February 22, 2014

that’s fuckin hilarious though haah

36. Lewis Fjord - July 27, 2008

I have lived in Canada for 39 years ( on the east coast, west coast, and currently the prairies), and have never heard a Canadian use the phrase “eh” – except in referencing Bob & Doug MacKenzie.

37. wolfelite03 - September 13, 2008

I hear all this talk about ignorance, yet the ignorance I see in the words posted here are from the minds of ignorant people. Posting generalistic and base comments. Making attacks on a country just because it’s the popular thing to do. I am an American and while I find the list amusing I find many of the following comments distasteful and without any real thought put into them. Personally as far as the “easily hurt feelings” goes that goes either way in this country. A lot of people (like me) don’t really give power to words and are not easily offended by them so much as the intent behind them. There are those who are offended by just about anything you can say. I say this. Ignorance is not limited to any one nation or culture. Ignorance is a conscience choice by an INDIVIDUAL to not put thought into their words or opinions and this happens -everywhere-.

Our showers do have adjustable pressure controlls, every single one I’ve ever had. The thing of it is that max pressure often isn’t enough, so people don’t even notice that they can adjust it they just turn it all the way up and assume that’s their only setting.



P.S. I live in Las Vegas…traffic is horrible and people are idiots on the road that is one point I will NOT argue. Noone signals, if you don’t tail-gate the person in front of you, someone will cut you off and slam on their breaks. Hell, two weeks ago I was driving home from getting some food and some moron was speeding, ignored the stop sign and T-boned my truck, then drove away without even seeing if I was alive. Do I blame anyone but the person that did this? No. A lot of us here in the states have evolved beyond simple and easy ways of justified rage…too bad it’s not enough.

Redreaper - June 30, 2010

What happened to you is a typical occurrance here. If someone knows they are going to get away with something and probably
not get caught, they/ll do it. It’s capitalisim, it’s american. That
mindset permeates our entire culture from the time you enter
junior high until the time your pushing up daisies, unless one
actively looks in the mirror and searches for the truth about themselves and the culture thats brainwashed them. Look out for
no. 1 and fuck everyone else. America as a whole is a covetous evil whore. The image of lady liberty means so much more than the
land of opportunity, she symbolizes the liberty of ‘do as thou wilt’,
regardless of wether it hurts someone else or not. Wall street and
our government threw the entire working class under the bus, so
they, the top 1 % can run away with it all. You see it on the road,
total disrespect for one another, it’s some kind of a COMPETITION,
to get to the red light first. We call ourselves a christian nation. In reality we are the leading anti-christ nation on earth. We drive the biggest, gas wasting vehicles on earth because we have the power
to do so and parade around like it’s our God given right.

Anonymous - June 15, 2012

A.K.A. You didn’t really listen to anything wolf said at all except the P.S.?

Praise the Anti-Christ

38. Michael - September 30, 2008

spell check… You should have gone to Texas my dear. Polite drivers, if you do not say thank you after being server your food you get glares. Everyone i know says you’re welcome, thank you, my pleasure and y’all come back now ya hear?

39. Republic is the only way - September 30, 2008

Americans and American Government are not the same. We are not “free” the people do not make the choices. We are a Democracy which is not what the founding fathers wanted. Republic for the win.

40. Joel - October 15, 2008

this is hilarious…the comments from all the readers are the best!
First of all I must say I am an international flight attendant from Los Angeles, Calif.
I have been to all continents from down under to Europe.
I have read many histories and facts in my life.
I believe Europe is beautiful, unfortunately the europeans are too critical…I guess that explains the separation between the european countries. European Union is a gang of like 27 countries that can barely keep up with americas’ wealth.
Australia, what the hell is that?
Oh wait, I know. Gave birth to an idiot responsible for publishing this close-minded page.
First of all, this guy comes from the biggest island country in the world, unfortunatley like 90% is covered in desert.
Australia considered to many as the ”fake America”
Not only does Australia depend on the American Dollar but most of the things you mention above were invented by Americans. You owe all this to Americans. If It was not for americans you damn aussies wouldn’t even know how to live. You’d all be still showering with crocs in lakes.
Obviously, you talk shit due to your insecurities, you nasty haters from down under.
I’m from LAX and let me tell all of you, there is no damn Bust picture there, sorry.

talking about manners, EUROPE nor AUSTRALIA have any. We have to come and teach you guys to say thanks, welcome, excuse me, bless you, etc.
You fuckers would die without us. Now that USA is hurting economically so is the entire world…haha…so don’t talk shit, just remember that the world rotates around US.
If we hurt, you fuckers all hurt.
Think about it freak!

41. Jean-Pierre - November 18, 2008

ASDIS Software AG asdis.com are dishonest business. They don’t pay for services.

42. jon - March 31, 2009

this shit is fucked up man you fucker’s are fuckin fucked up

43. jon - March 31, 2009

dumb bitches

44. Nathan V - April 1, 2009

Okay I found this Blog from some Australian Guy when I was mindlessly browsing the web and I thought that I’d give my answers to what things he put down. Which is odd considering that both American and Australian Culture are strikingly alike! Why? Because we were both once British colonies. The big difference between us though is that Australia has far less Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Irish, so on so on so on so on in cultural influence. Here where I live the most predominantly noticeable European cultures are British, German and Italian.

Okay so here they are….

* The Toilets all have these little handles to flush instead of a button on top (Don’t all toilets? And we have the button ones too)

* And the toilets again? They flush really weird. All the water is sucked out from the bottom and then refilled just as quick Small u-bends too so they get clogged alot. (What other kind of toilet is there? :S )

* The light switches are back to front generally. Up for on and down for off. (Up is on down is off. We have the push button ones too)

* The showers suck. You cant control the strength of the water, only the temperature. What the hell? I thought it was just where I was living, but it seems to be like that at other places as well. (If you want to control the water pressure just adjust how much water is coming out with the little knobs)

* All sinks have a little hole in them. Just in case the sink overflows I guess.(Uhh its called a drain… don’t you have drains in Australia?)

* There are so many ‘trucks’ here. Big SUV’s and pickups and 4 wheel drives. The Americans love that shit. (Not anymore! XD )

* Dont get me started on driving, but one big thing is that no one seems to indicate, They change lanes willy nilly and don’t even think about telling people, let alone look. (Depends on what region of the country you’re in. Southerners don’t use their damn blinkers! Us yanks here up north do)

* Lamps don’t have those little clicky things there are in Australia. There are little knobs that you turn. One click for half, then turn more for full and then off. (We’ve got both kinds of Lamp, genius)

* A lot of rooms do not have overhead lights in the ceiling. Just lamps.
(I know and I hate that!)

* The walk signs at room crossings look white and not green. (They’re normally orange actually)

* The bees here are huge. They are fully bumblebees, not the little ones we have in Australia (Again that depends on region and climate)

* You get pickles with everything. You know, those big long green pickles? Yeah. They include them with sandwiches. (Sure do!)

* Chicken Burgers are called sandwiches. Burgers here are Beef ONLY. And then you get to pick how cooked you want them. Even KFC has Chicken Sandwiches. Weird. (Not weird at all. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or Well Done?)

* Things are old here. The houses look old even if they are really new and the American cars all look sort of old as well. It’s like, people just can’t accept change and new things. (Okay let me talk about architecture for a moment. My house was built in 1890! The house across the street was built in 1990! My house is a Dutch Colonial. The house across the street is a single floor northern ranch. There are many architectural styles to look into and many of them are both similar and very different. With things from Cape-Cods and Bungalows to the American Craftsman, The Modern Foursquare, Victorian, Colonial, Traditional and Contemporary. Theres many types! It also depends on region again. I just listed a small number of home types found here in the WNY area!)

* Curtains don’t seem to exist much here. They love their blinds and their shutters, but no curtains?? (Are you down south Something? I haven’t met a single person in my life who doesn’t own curtains for their windows)

* People like to talk themselves a lot. Just randomly on the train, walking, eating. They talk. No-one even seems to notice. (Again thats gotta be a city thing. You get weird fuckers like that no matter where you are)

* Tipping sucks enough as it is, but there seems to be no way to avoid it. Tipping a buck a beer is normal, and that’s after paying $6 for a beer in the first place! (State Tax State Tax State Tax! Tip at least 15%!! Its considered common courtesy)

* People don’t say ‘You’re Welcome’. They are more likely to go ‘Uh-huh’ after you thank them for something. Like ‘Uh-huh’ is somehow a word?? (Are you talking to a bunch of Teenagers? Or just the rest of the mind deranged the country has to offer?)

* If you ask for chips with your burger, you end up getting a packet of potato chips. Gotta remember, Fries…Fries…Fries… (NO SHIT!)

* The photo of George W Bush and Dick Cheney as you walk down the gangway at LAX Airport? Freaky man…Freaky. (Those days are over my friend HALLELUJAH!!!)

* Noticed during the World Cup: When a player is brought down in the box (or in Italy’s case, when a player dives in the box) there is a ‘PK’. Not Penalties, or Penalty Kicks, but PK’s. Freaks. (No comment)

* Americans are obsessed with the weather. Especially in DC. If there is a spate of rain, wind, sun, snow or nothing at all they make a hug deal about it in the news. Oh yeah, and they go ‘crisis-shopping’ for all the water and bread, like they won’t be able to make it through the puddles of water… (I’m from Buffalo Man. We love or hate our weather. Its more extreme here than it is in most places)

* TV Commercials are aimed at the stupid or the weird. They are either so damn obvious and un-subtle, or really twisted and surreal that you don’t know whether to laugh or raise an eyebrow. (I too miss the good old days of product jingles!)

AD - May 5, 2014

Actually the walk sign color thing must vary between regions. I’m from LA ,and here they are white.

45. LEE LARSON - April 22, 2009


46. Texan - May 5, 2009

Come to Texas…we think Americans are weird as shit too.

Anonymous - July 26, 2010


Little American Chick - March 11, 2011


47. dil maange more - May 15, 2009

i do agree with all the anti american slogans. This country is developed. Really dont know how and why it got developed in the first place.
I come from India and lived before in Germany. I cant believe that US is so super nuts. The food here tastes so aweful, trucks are bad, drivers are stupid, The roads hahaha
what to talk of them. seems like the most smart country dont know how to make road even.
The whole american philosophy is super shit. Infact the worst thing about this country is that it has no CULTURE.
They introduced the words like FUCK and SHIT but u cant use such words in public at all which are so common in europefor instance and people dont get offended bcoz of it.
The whole mixture of various societies are very insecure and an average american is much much dumber then a s asian jackass. They just think its the end fo the world.
I wonder who and why someone will like to be here.
Its better that people stop relising dollar dream which actually doesnt exist in the first place in these times of recession and start moving to european sectors or to their asian homes.

Jai Bharat
Long Live India

Brittany - March 23, 2011

If it wasn’t for the US, u wouldn’t be able to talk shit behind a CPU screen thru something we invented called the ‘Internet’.
Talk about Indias corrupt gov’t and the fact ur ppl don’t wear deodorant. U can leave, or deal with us.. bottom line.

The nigerian fed up of hypocrites - May 11, 2012

Stop acting as if The us is so great. And learn to be humble BRITNY. “If it wasnt for us” To hell with that, if it wasn’t for you some wars wouldn’t be caused, a lot of people wouldn’t b dead and some African-Americans wouldn’t be shipped there. And don’t say “us” as if your the government… because your not….

48. Kayla Is Confused - June 21, 2009

Uhm, about the pickles?…I don’t get that one…Isn’t it quite normal to have pickles on a sandwich? And, it’s not like you HAVE to have them. You can ask for your burger or sandwich WITHOUT pickles…

Also, the “everything seems so OLD here” part…I’m flat-out mind-boggled at that one. Don’t understand it a bit. Doesn’t make sense that you said it. I can’t even wrap my mind around it…

I’m guessing…every building in Australia is really modern-looking? Old things are knocked down to make room for new things?…Or maybe people just MOVE a lot, which gives room for newer, more modern buildings?……..Well, I can tell you this, at least. Most families in America, once finding a house they love, stay there their entire lives. Why would you knock down the house you have so many memories in? Renovate, yes. But not destroy. I would NEVER let the city do that to MY house…Another thing is…how do you expect…EVERY American…to be able to AFFORD to build a really modernized house?…I just………..don’t get it….at all. In a weird way, that comment was kind of rude. I respect your opinion, but I truly don’t understand it a bit.

49. Kayla Is Angry - June 21, 2009

Quote: “The whole american philosophy is super shit. Infact the worst thing about this country is that it has no CULTURE.”

-dil maange more

…Don’t even get me STARTED on this. You have no IDEA how SICK and TIRED I am of hearing foreigners insult America for having no culture. I hear it ALL the time, and it’s REALLY not fair. The whole REASON we have no culture of our own, is because we’re a huge mixture of a whole bunch of DIFFERENT cultures and religions…Cultures and religions BROUGHT here BY the foreigners who say we HAVE no culture, when WE’RE the one’s who allow ANYONE from around the WORLD to come here and KEEP whatever religion or culture they might have! So don’t blame US for YOUR doing! If you’re going to come here, push your religions on our country, and then go back to your own damn country and INSULT us for it, you can just stay the HELL away from us. We’re overpopulated with as it is due to all you freakin’ immigrants who keep INSISTING on coming here so that you can have a better life (and it IS a better life. Don’t you DARE deny that), just to turn around and throw it in our faces!

“Its better that people stop relising dollar dream which actually doesnt exist in the first place in these times of recession and start moving to european sectors or to their asian homes.”

You insult me and MY country, and then push your own values on ME? I don’t think so! You better take a good look around and realize just how much America does for you! Maybe next time you won’t be so quick to slap us in the face!

Alyssa stands up and claps for Kayla - July 26, 2010

*clap clap clap clap*
we have the most culture out of anyone…we have a bit of everything PLUS our own rich history.
and i agree, the world only see’s the negative aspects of america, not realizing (not relising, learn to spell dil maange) that we have aided so many countries and without our existence, the whole world would be so less advanced.

JJ - May 11, 2012

Haha… most culture out of everyone!!? Excuse me , but you got your language from EUROPE, African-Americans were shipped to your country giving its some African culture, you make food from all over the world such as rice (from CHINA) and many others, and yes, its tit for tat, i’m Nigerian and many Americans automatically think i’m going to bomb a plan, or i live in a hut… or i can’t speak English, when i even speak it better than some.

Anonymous - July 1, 2011

A lucky country which owes its independence to France, Spain and The Seven Provinces. Luck that Mexico had Santa Anna as a leader, anyone competant and the Mexicans would have destroyed the US Army. Lucky that Adolf Hitler turned his back on the Soviet Union and hated Jews, otherwise no more Europe and Japan and USSR knocking on your door with Nukes. Lucky that wars in Europe meant that people came to the USA.

So next time if you insult anyone, please see where you come from.

Remember Rome, Spain, Britain. USA today is in the same position these three were. One day you too will be relpaced by someone. Don’t feel to proud of yourself. Same goes for everyone else on this board. Remember, the Bigger they are the Harder they fall.

The nigerian fed up of hypocrites - May 11, 2012

Look at you! Your doing the EXACT thing your complain about. Stereotyping!!! Listen if you want to stand for something walk the talk. DON’T act as if Americans never eeeeever stereotype us, yes a large collective of american have limited views of us because most watch tv and believe isnt true. I’m stereotyped every single day, by some Americans through tv and news, and not only america, some even from my own country. So stop acting as if your country is to great to recieve criticizem, there might be things we don’t like about you guys, vise versa. Yes i do agree that its bad to be stereotypical based on the few collective, but you made me shake my head is that your acting a bit hypocritical. A

50. lehiff - July 28, 2009

hahahah this list is brilliant but to read americans defending their country is even better!!!
btw: kayla “freakin inmigrants”?? emmm whats the story? it was ok before but not now? that’s a bit racist, oh wait…yeah i forgot…america defeated the nazis, you’re not racist.

51. MuhamaJihad(^)*_*(^) - August 26, 2009

Death to america Ha Ha Ha Ha!

52. MuhamaJihad(^)*_*(^) - August 26, 2009

P.S., Kayla is a stupid yankee BEEOTCH!!

P.P.S.,Death to america (again)

53. MuhamaJihad(^)*o*(^) - August 26, 2009

By the way, Aussies do rule! But I’m English.

54. BowieFan\^^/, - August 26, 2009

Piss on america, and evryone in it.

(except for David Bowie)

55. Michael - September 12, 2009

Lol, I agree, i lived here a long time and it is strange here. What angers me most, i used to love this country alot but it has such a hypocritical history, but yet so many people strived and worked hard to make a difference. The driving without signalling, yep i get it all the time, people are rude and stupid like you wouldnt imagine. the comercials, some are funny as hell and others just ridiculous. Yeah it ridiculous getting gbeer in a bar with how expensive it is. america is just so polarized politically, religously, and ethnically.

56. BOMMY - September 13, 2009


57. Hubert Santoni - September 17, 2009

To the person from India, I saw bread being baked over burning cow dung in Bangalore. Long live India?….no wonder your country smells like poop between Armritsar to the north to Madras to the south.. Don’t get me started on your crazy caste system. At least in the United States everyone has a chance at a better life. If you don’t like, then go back to where you came from. No one is forcing you to be a part of this great nation. One more thing, you have so much poverty that your country will never emerge as a superpower. It is impossible to sustain growth when 75% of the population is living on one U.S. dollar or less per day. While our roads are not the best anymore, they are light years ahead of the death trap highways in India.

58. Sistagurl - September 20, 2009

Muhamadjihad you is crazee!

59. Hubert Santoni - September 20, 2009

I am a fat queer Ital, and I only care so much about america because pzza is cheap here. I now realize the folly of my ways and plan to give all of my land an possesions to the Queen. After which I will throw my fat yankee ass off a bridge to sleep withthe fishes.

60. Hubert Santoni - September 20, 2009

India still blows though.

61. Johnson - September 24, 2009

True, Americans cannot handle change, even when their lives suck. It’s called Narcissism and OCD, and over 70% here have cluster B personality disorders!

americans hate obama! - July 26, 2010

UGH. all america wants IS change. and when they get it by electing Obama, he f*cked everything up. that was change enough, maybe thats why we americans shouldnt want change, because our previous system were working better than they’ve altercated them today.

Moderate - February 25, 2011

I think it says more about political climate in america that no matter how great ideas are or your ideals they will be destroyed by senate. If anything you should blame republicans for not allowing him to activate his ‘change’ not saying everything he trying to achieve right and I’m no economist but both republicans and liberals governments both seem to be slightly inefficient economically.

So yeah don’t jsut form an opinion from headlines the %percentage of americans that do that seem higher, many people do it here too though.

62. Lea - October 22, 2009

I just found this article after googling “americans have strange toilets” 😀 I couldn’t help but laugh and agree with everything you said, I’ve just been on holiday there (I’m British) its just so different to anything i’ve ever know.

63. Jaymax - October 30, 2009

This is fascinating. I’m British but have lived here for 5 years, in the mid-west and in NYC. I’ve decided that you can encounter annoying, thick, ignorant, insecure, selfish people EVERYWHERE in the world. And they drive badly, too, of course. They should just round them all up and stick them in Antarctica or something.

The only consistent and enduring differences I’ve noticed between Brits and Americans:

– Americans are less aggressive (I feel miles safer walking round Manhattan drunk on Saturday night at 3am than I do walking round ANY provincial town in the UK at the same time – to be blunt, there’s just less aggro-seeking vermin about)
– Americans are much less unjustifiably nasty to people and don’t even know what class conscious is
– Brits are less robotic and are far more receptive to humour (and humor, too)
– Brits are more willing to acknowledge they don’t know something, or they’re wrong. They much less often default to cast-iron certainty on any and all subjects about which they know precisely nothing
– Americans are LOUD and don’t care how much it intrudes on your personal space, but….
– Americans seem (on the surface at least) to be much more tolerant of each others’ selfishness than Brits would be, but….
– Brits are *far* more indifferent and laid-back to how people live their lives (religion, sex and relationships, etc.) and…
– Brits seem to have *far* better race-relations, but then I’m only speaking as one half of that race equation, of course, so I admit I could be very wrong about that.

I wish I could find a country that has the best of everything in the list. I’ve never been to Australia, maybe that’s the promised land….. :))

Right, let’s see what y’all make of that….

americans on race - July 26, 2010

on behalf of your “race-relations” comment, it is quite so that americas relationships are probably more sensitive and young than other places, considering what we went through in the early 20th century between blacks and whites, the japanese and ww2, latinos and illegal immigration, etc. so we definitely do have our flaws, but being a 19 year old educated college student, you will usually find that a majority of my generation is very understanding to those with racial differences to our own. everyone can be considered racist just by the way we are raised and from our perspectives, but i honestly do believe every single person is equal and has just as much right as i do in the world. the only people i disrespect are those who don’t grant me the same respect.

64. Jason - November 13, 2009

Have a look at the “Culture Code”, it is a quick and brilliant read that explores all of this phenomena (with an emphasis on France and the US). You are all very opinionated and refreshing to listen to but education will set you free. KEEP READING AND TRAVELING!!

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Hmm I think I will read that!

65. Anonymous - November 23, 2009

whoever wrote this is a fucking idiot. enough said.

66. AMERICAN - November 28, 2009

If I was to visit your country(Australia)would it be wrong of me to think you are all Crocodile Dundee? Should I EXPECT everyone to walk around with a very large knife, and live in the woods. No I shouldn’t. As a person with an inkling of education I would be expected to absorb your culture and embrace the great chance I was given to experience it. So as an American I say thank you for visiting, and your welcome any time, but if you do not like it here do not come here. We ignorant loud Americans are very clear the fact that we would prefer you just stay home. Unfortunately we also love the fact that in the USA we are very diverse people. I think if I was Australian I would just be happy for the gold rush otherwise you all would be dependents of the great penal colony.

67. YaLiMaI3 - November 29, 2009

I am a 2nd generation American (My parents immigrated from the Philippines) and I agree and disagree with alot (or few) of these comments and the Blog itself! Not all Americans are loud or obnoxious! Most people say that I’m one of the quietest people they know. I do have loud friends, but not all of them fit that stereotype. I understand that you are from a different country, and you think that our customs are “weird”. I visit the Philippines many times through the years, and there are huge culture differences. To you Europeans, I would LOVE to visit some of the countries there! Over here, we actually think that the U.K is weird. (I have heard conversations here and there…) To the Australians, I believe your country has beautiful outbacks, but here some children think everything is backwards down there. Another thing, the U.S.A has many different dialects. I live in Georgia (The South). Here we love fried things, and we have some darn good Fried Chicken. May I also state that we invented the Apple Pie? We also tend to say Yes ma’am, Thank you, Your welcome.
I have friends in the North and they have a different way of doing things, and calling things too. My family in California also has a different culture of their own. Each American is different! I may be a shy, quiet person, while my friend is a Loud, social person. Just as each and every individual is different from the next. America doesn’t have a set culture because we are made up of DIFFERENT cultures! ALTHOUGH we have an American Standard. I am a Filipino-American that is proud of both my Heritages. Also, it is mostly the older Americans that love old things. I am from the x-box playing generation. We LOVE new, modern things. My classmates are constantly comparing how new their cell phone models are and how cool their new laptop/Ipod/cellphone is. As I said before, not all stereotypes are fully true to the whole group 🙂 I hope I didn’t offend anybody.

68. MommyofThree - December 5, 2009

I am a 27 years old and I am from Boone, Iowa, United States. I live in the mid-west portion of the country. I must admit you are right about this list and it’s funny:) But I really don’t care for the later comments on here. To direct the original writer….
Pickles on the side of everything…so true lol..and i’m not even sure why…good think I love pickels lol.
Chips yes remember fries unless you want a bag of lays on your plate;p
Toilets, Yeah they do get plugged often. Especially if you have little ones. But it is for control of water supply and its for the better ultmatley.
I never had a shower where you couldn’t adjust the water pressure.
We indeed have our share of insanely awful drivers….but is every driver where you are from good? If so come teach people here lol.
I don’t know about other areas of the country but pleases and thanks yous are frequent here:) I always say hello when I walk into a room, with a smile on my face.
Ummm…lets see….oh technology…we are technology junkies…it is almost rediculas…we aren’t behind on the times for sure actually my 7 year old asked for a cell phone for Christmas or an ipod..my lord. Oh no I may be self disclosing to much…as us Americans apparently tend to do. And I admit I am soo like that. I guess we just like to talk it doesn’t mean we feel like we are obligated to speak if you don’t want to speak to us excuse yourself from the conversation lol.
I have blinds and curtains thank you very much;p curtains make a home feel homey.
I don’t know I guess I just like living here:) And apparently there are some people who hate America on here and that is fine. But some of you visit here? I don’t get that, I mean I suppose if you have to for buissness I understand…anywho..
Oh and yes..America’s is full of many cultures and beliefs. Nothing is black and white here. I think it is neat to find a uniqueness about a country. I also find other countries unique too…but sometimes it seems as an American if I state them I will be quoted as an typical cocky American…oh well

Katie-Response ^^^ - January 29, 2011

I live in Muscatine, Iowa, across the bridge from Illinois, thats funny.

69. MommyofThree - December 5, 2009

You know what the difference between American’s and you people who are writing anti- American crap. We are here defending our country..while you are here insulting our country. What you need to do is get off here and google your country and “hate.” Then go stick up for your country:) Why would someone write “die Americans.” What did we personally do to you….what did “I” do to you? I say please and Thanks you. I respect traffic laws..I have my personal religous values and beliefs…I have always had an open mind to other cultures, races, religions….I believe in immagration …and I don’t care if you are from Asia or Austrailia..or New York..i’m going to treat you the same. Here in America when person constantly picks on another person and try’s to think up flaws to point out about them it is called jelousy….is someone here seeing green? It’s okay I understan AMERICA IS WONDERFUL place to live@@

70. Anonymous - December 5, 2009

I think some people need to ease up a little. It’s a list of silly little things that seem puzzling to a stranger, not an attempt to rag on the country.

BTW.. it’s spelled “immigration”.

71. Mick - December 6, 2009

There are some interesting comments on this post and I never get tired of seeing the thoughts and opinions of everyone that has contributed.

Just bear in mind that I never intended for this post to be anything more than just a light-hearted reflection of my time in the USA.

Thank you to the honest and thoughtful comments I have received…

72. Logan - December 15, 2009

Hehe I’m actually from America and if this is the way we’re brought up this is the way we behave – so I guess perhaps the natural coincidence of all of these cultural contrasts is something to be expected – I mean that…well, after the ‘fittest’ of the world colonized and went to wars over all the land they could, they pretty much gave up claim eventually, and this is how those lands changed when left to their own devices.

Anyway, it’s nice being able to see a list like this because I, for one, can neither tell that these things are not typical overseas (which is rather close-minded) nor see that people from other nations find it bizarre…but, the advertisements…we pretty much tune them out 99% of the time, they are weird…

🙂 Logan

Ben - March 14, 2010

I’ve noticed that people from the United States tend to completely ignore grammar when typing a reply, or whatever, on the internet. I live in the U.S. and I’M ashamed of it. Pay attention in English, please guys…

73. hahahahha - December 20, 2009

You must not have been here very long.

74. junior - January 4, 2010

The world is getting older
The times they fall behind you
The need it still grows stronger
The best years never found you

75. Puddin' Tang - January 24, 2010

I’ve lived in the US and in Germany and visited most of the countries in Europe. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, but I think most Americans are curious and intrigued by other cultures and customs.

The amusing thing is that forums like this make it appear most people hate America but I never found that to be the case. People are just people. And most people are fairly xenophobic. I remember the Germans disliked the Turks and the French, the French disliked Parisians, the Parisians hated everyone…

In any case, I’ve begun to think there are just a small minority of vocal anti-Americans filling up the Internet with their banter. This is as good a country as any and, judging by the demand, perhaps better than some.

Sorry, folks. I love encountering different cultures, architecture, customs.

But enough of that. Let’s have fun with this…

* Australians get a lot of good press, but let’s face it– you’re rednecks. Uncouth, vulgar, and lazy. Your food is shit and you’re so afraid of success that you’ll sabotage yourself and anyone else who might be a tall poppy. Oh, and you’re racist fucks, too.

* In the UK, they pay a television tax– for shit programming that can only be played on Public Broadcasting (yawn) here. And beans and a stewed tomato for breakfast… well, that is shit. Your weather sucks and you’re a bunch of pussies, too. If you’re smiling now, please stop. Your teeth are horrible!

* Paris smells like piss and the people are hideous. The food sucks shit (unless you like a fifty day old piece of bread, greasy meat, and moldy cheese). Every movie you make MUST have underage nudity because you’re secretly a bunch of pedophiles. Makes sense, though, if you’ve ever seen a French woman.

* Germans are the fattest people on the planet and no, you do NOT look good in a Speedo. And why is not uncommon to see a 10 year old smoking a cigarette? And your language sounds like someone is in the middle of a coughing fit.

* Arabs (no, Muslims) love to kill everyone because of their guilt related to their rampant homosexuality. Can’t blame them, though, since their women are covered for very good reasons.

Just like anyone I’ve ever met abroad, it does sting to hear someone trash your people, values, and customs. Especially when it’s nonsense. Why, then, are Americans mocked when they are hurt by the same?

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Hmm, instead of not bashing any counrty you bash countries indiscriminatly. Nice, gets the point across.

76. FAIL - January 27, 2010

Sounds like an Aussie trying to prove his country is not a US puppet. LOL

77. Richard - February 6, 2010

I lived in the USA for three years (Denver).

I can tell you…. IT’S ALL TRUE!!!

America is a pretty cool place but like any country, it has it’s problems…. I think America’s rampant social problems are just made a little more significant by the fact they have a profound cultural influence on the rest of the world… kind of like a big magnifying glass.

But Jesus, guys, get health care already and switch to the metric system… the rest of the world is laughing at you.

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Pfft ha ha hahahha, yeah we ARE weird in regards to our not joining the club and using the metric system, but I kinda like that about us. Go figure.

AD - May 6, 2014

Honestly, I think the Americsn way of measuring things is more poetic. One of my favorite folk songd is called “900 Miles”. The song “500 Miles” (popularized by Peter, Paul, and Mary) is based on it.
I understand the benefits of using metric measurements for things like scientific research, since that involves international cooperation. But that doesn’t mean we should have to change all of our street signs.

78. Sophie - March 9, 2010

One word: Lol

79. Ben - March 14, 2010

I’m from the U.S.

I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I saw this list. Especially the thing about burgers and fries!
Yeah, all of that stuff IS true. Eh, what are you gonna do. You might want to add that the patriots here think that we try to keep the peace in the world. Yes, apparently America’s the “Watchdog of the World”

one thing that I’ve found strange is that we’re called “America” by everyone when America is two freakin’ continents! We’re the United States, but someone gave us credit for being the immense piece of dirt…

also, you might want to add something about “Rednecks.”

80. ユイル - March 16, 2010

アメリカ は 変 ですね。

81. Anonymous - March 16, 2010

You all fucking suck and your stupid naive ideas on life.

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

…woa. Haters gonna hate.

82. Anonymous - March 22, 2010

Why all the hate for America? It’s a country with people with flaws and benefits and a deep-rooted culture just like any other country. Why can’t we all just get along and appreciate the world’s vast difference in culture?

Anonymous - March 22, 2010

But yeah, the list is pretty funny. I laughed to myself because all those things are so normal to me it’s odd to find anyone else thinking it’s weird! (confusing…) It’s really fascinating to find how people think you’re culture is different. I sometimes search “American culture” in Google to get a view of our culture from a foreign perspective. Fun!

meis - August 17, 2011

Lol I do the same thing

83. sophie - April 5, 2010

You should go to other countries as well to see the comparison I’m sure you’ll find pretty weird stuff about England, trust me I live here.

84. Mick - April 6, 2010

I’m heading to the UK and Europe in July. I can do a new list 🙂

85. CoCo - April 7, 2010

The US is a melting pot of all cultures. Depending what parts and places you visit here you will see very diffrent things. City driving is MUCH diffrent than driving through a small town. I always say please and thank you and so do many people I encounter.
There are many loud and obnoxious people here but there are just as many quite and reserved people too.

Bottom line is every country and race has there good sides and bad. But I will say this…. LOTS of people if given the chance would come to the US and leave their home land for a better life here.

86. I'ts the same - April 25, 2010

Why is everyone so defensive. I suggest everyone here take an intercultural studies class. Yes, that is an American school standard if you want an education in ALL states.

Obviously all this hate is pent up from ages of who knows what, down to the individual personal level of variable differences in emotion. No one can forgive what has already been done? which you cannot change? and move to try to change the future. No one, and nothing is perfect. Why do we expect more than that. People are still scared of what’s different. People who want to do less will use that as an excuse like it’s a lost cause. If it’s not a race, culture, interest group, political fight, it’s money. The fighting will never stop.

I find this article humerus. Why? Because it points to the vicious cycle between countries. We all fight over the same thing like it’s different over an over again. It’s the irony of this world. I see the differences and I laugh because I do the same thing. I find that funny, and I really don’t think he hates America.

87. Kelly K - May 13, 2010

I thought this list was really funny. The comments, however, are disappointing to read. Every country has problems of its own. It’s ignorant to act as if the country you call home is perfect. It’s always easy to pick out a culture or government’s flaws. Especially if you aren’t used to the normalities there. Maybe American’s (like myself) are just more accepting of other people and culture because of the diversity in our neighborhoods? After reading this I just get the impression that the non-Americans posting here are very judgmental and egotistical. Oh well whatever. I love the USA.

88. Sven - May 23, 2010

I am a university student here in the US, and these are all true. America really is rather pathetic, democracy = mob rule.

89. American - July 5, 2010

Wow. I understand that we’re all proud of our countries and it’s natural to think they’re the best. I certainly think the USA is the best. It’s painfully obvious the USA is terribly misunderstood and a victim of unfair stereotyping. Sure we have loud mouths, poor drivers, slobs, and obesity the same as every other country but that’s NOT the norm here. The USA is a strong nation with many cultures and good, kind people. Where I live we do say please and thank you. We do not all drive trucks and SUV’s. We do have bicycle lanes and many beautiful parks for recreation. We have a true appreciation for things that are old as well as the new and modern. Sure, we’re a bit arrogant but I think we’ve earned that. Comments such those posted here come from just one source…envy.

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Oooh I was with ya untill the last two lines.

90. Amber - July 5, 2010

The funny thing is..that no one from America would ever waste their time to write a silly list of a random countries flaws. Out of all the flawed countries out there…you choose America to dog on ..hmmm…do you really hate it that much or are you just jelouse? I’m setting here thinking of all the poverty ridden countries who have serious health conditions and abuse from the government..now that is something worth writing a list about.

Katie-Response ^^^ - January 29, 2011

I think he should do a different country, or get off the computer and run… or take a gym class, he probably looks like the most obese in America, jeez, jump off a cliff, australians.

91. Sarah Eh! - July 25, 2010

I think America should not get so offended, as a Canadian I love finding out how different travelers find my country. Embrace it! It’s you, its who you are just be proud you stand out!! I don’t see any of this as a negative. It’s only insulting if you make it.

To the writer, no one signals lane changes here either, they SHOULD but they don’t.

92. James - August 20, 2010

Wow! It seems we only import the shitty lamps and toilets from China. Maybe our sales rep needs do be axed so we could get those cool Aussie crappers. I`ll keep the drain hole on the sink though. A sandwich in America is something between bread so I don`t really get your grief about a chicken sandwich. I wonder if I`d be so stressed if I didn`t understand what a veg-a -mite sandwich was. Football is a battle fool!

Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Pfft hahahhahha, Indeed.

93. Jen - September 1, 2010

“But Jesus, guys, get health care already and switch to the metric system… the rest of the world is laughing at you.”

I think you’re my favorite person ever.

To me the most disappointing thing here is how juvenile all of you defenders of America come across. It IS possible to state your opinions without using profanity or name-calling, you know.

Being an American, I for one found the outside observations of my home country to be incredibly amusing and mostly true. As a whole we are loud, overweight, impolite, awful drivers. And that one about ‘survival shopping’ is absolutely true where I live. A few inches of snow fall and people flock to the nearest grocer as if the world were ending. It’s funny and frustrating, especially when I’m just there to buy milk or something.

94. Micky - September 1, 2010

I live in America, born and raised. The way a lot of people around here act absolutely disgusts me. Did you know that Canada and Australia are socialist countries with no freedom of speech? Yeah, I didn’t either…but ask the average far-right American what they think about other countries and they’ll spew some completely uneducated nonsense and refuse to be told otherwise.

95. Eric - October 5, 2010

glad you noticed the bit about the showers. Lucky, really, since your countrymen take like two showers each year? Hope you stocked up on uniquely American product called deoderant during your visit.

Anonymous - November 3, 2010

hmmmmm.. this is weird stuff?
I love it when some unsophisticated foreigner who spends a week in the States thinks they just earned their P.H.D. in understanding American culture.Are you a little SMUG ya think? Na,you’re just better! 🙂

Katie-Response ^^^ - January 29, 2011

Yea, Im sure i could go to Australia and be weirded out, no need to make fun of us. And he probably went to Chicago and hung out with a man in a cardboard box, he didnt even meet very many people. If he met 100 people, I bet 5 (at most) would be rude.. He needs to get his facts straight before he flaps his lips…

96. An american girl - November 7, 2010

Im american and all of this stuff is completely normal. To say we are all rude and this and that is a stereotype. I’m sure if I were to go to Australia I’d find some of your crap weird, but I would understand it’s a different culture and not bash it, unlike what you are doing here. Your stupid, wow…. just wow.

97. Anonym.... - December 18, 2010

Every culture has weird things. They blow their nose while eating while in other cultures they do not do that.

98. AmericanGirly - December 18, 2010

All of this is kinda funny and I agree with some of it but you have to remember that all the states are in a world of their own you can say. I mean I have friends from many states and we all do things different some more polite than others, some better drivers than others, some healthier/smaller food than others it goes on trust me. Where I live no one owns lamps only ceiling lights, adjustable shower heads, no SUV’s (personally I hate those and look at them as a waste of money), curtains are everywhere, polite drivers (to a point depends the day and time haha) and that’s all I can think of for now but said before every country has there diffrences from food to houses to attitude. There aren’t alot of obese people near me but we have our over-weight people of course(who doesn’t?)Going wig government we have to many old people that don’t understand the waya of today that should get kicked out right next to Bush. Oh and just ignore our teenagers a lot of them need attitude/reality checks and need to take that pound of make-up off their face.

99. A Proud American... - January 13, 2011

Yeah, I’m American. I was raised to be polite and kind and say “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am.”
I thought the list was funny and entertaining. However, I gotta say some people on the comments ruined it just a tad by randomly insulting Americans in a way the list probably didn’t intend. We do have rude people, inconsiderate people, but the entire world does. Also, it depends on exactly where in America you went…and people saying Americans are “arrogant”? I’m sorry for loving my country, goodness. It’s called patriotism. The “you’re welcome” thing…I know maybe two people of my whole school who actually say “uh huh” or something of the sort instead of “you’re welcome”. Some people say “no problem!” though, with a happy smile on their face, and I do not see how that’s rude. Guys…just stop the pointless United States bashing. I love this country. We are a good country. Some bad eggs, but everywhere has bad eggs. (Don’t tell me I have no sense of humor, because honestly, I thought the LIST was funny, not these offensive comments about this country.)
Also notice I didn’t use profanities or call anyone names.
And I’m an American.

Katie-Response ^^^ - January 29, 2011

I know.
I felt offended.
Maybe he/she could add how maybe they’re not trying to offend us, but maybe they are. So who knows. I think people need to get their act together and treat everyone equally, no matter the race.

100. Jadeie - January 25, 2011

I feel very offened by this. I’m american,and austrailia people are stupid. First of all there dumb accent like nore for no.
And gay way in doing things. Also you spell favorite like favourite. What up with that???

Crocodile Dundee - January 29, 2011

I’m offended by your terrible spelling. What up with that???
First of all, we don’t say “no” like “nore”.
What the fuck is that?
Gay way in doing what?
We spell it “favourite” because that’s English.

The man writing this list didn’t write it to offend anyone, you Mercans are just over sensitive.
Every Mercan I have encountered has been rude and impolite. No manners, loud and obnoxious, no respect for anyone and have a “high and mighty, I’m better than you” attitude.
A lot of you are very self involved and can’t name countries on a map!
We have an ad here, and a guy was showing Mercans our flag and not one got it!


Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

Um Jadeie, not exactly representing us in a nice light when you call entire country stupid. It’s exactly what some of those other commentors were doing to America. Break the cycle.

101. Americans Rock and Australians have issues - January 29, 2011

This is really dumb.
You dont just go around assuming Americans are “weird.”
I mean, we do something different than you,
and we’re suddenly “weird.”
And “You’re Welcome?”
Get a life…

102. understood - February 13, 2011

Ha-ha, let’s see . . . this was pretty funny. I like making fun of American’s even though I am one because we can be stupid. We are loud people, me being one of them. We are weird, which I love. Also we do talk a lot, which makes life easier when getting to know someone. The whole “not polite,” thing is strange because I come from the south and we get in trouble for not saying please, thank you, yes ma’am (I say yessum), no ma’am, yes sir, and no sir. Also one of the most amazing things about our nation is that we don’t have a set culture. We have tons of cultures that come in and change people’s lives. It also makes the people here diverse and fun to talk to because we all have different backgrounds and points of view. I do have to say we Americans can be freaking hilariously stupid. But we can also be intellectual individuals and I hope when and if any of you who don’t like America come back you get see a better side of our nation.

103. Roman Alsace-Lorraine - February 17, 2011

I am in Australia garnishing support for a TV
Celebrity Talk Show named ‘The Roman Scoop’,hosted
by Roman Alsace-Lorraine(me).On the show I will have USA celebrities who are well known in Australia.


104. Moderate - February 25, 2011

I actually feel some what bad for smart reasoned americans as whenever they make inroads in changing peoples opinion 5 retards coming saying stupid shit about how awesome america is, come on guys help your countrymen. Also not big on patriotism and a lot of you guys seem quite patriotic, makes for good fun at sporting events but all patriotism is saying is WOO I was born here therefore I am awesome. (Not just applicable to americans)

105. Little American Chick - March 11, 2011

I found this list funny at first, then people got a little carried away. Come on, every country has its cultural quirks and every country has tacky people as well as polite people.

I don’t think we should bash countries (the list didn’t, the comments did)just because we have some narrow perception of who a group is. I mean if you absolutly must tell the rest of the world how terrible a country is (why is that neccesary) at least spend a good deal of time observing it yourself. Don’t visit maybe one state or province or area of a country and then assume the worst of everybody.

If you’ve never visited a place and yet you’ve got a hatred for it, be honest and ask yourself this: Why do I hate these people? Have I ever been there? Did everyone I meet treat me poorly?

If you answered no on the last two then you’re just relying on old perceptions without making your own informed opinion. Generalizing is not a good thing, life is not black and white, it’s just shades of gray. And we’re all more alike than we think.

…Um I’m gonna get off the soap box now…ahem.

106. Amber - March 12, 2011

I hate to break the news, but most of America didn’t come from America..OH MY GOD!! Shocking! Riveting! Idiots with an exception of the natives most of our family immigrated here…. So our “culture” is very deep rooted…not to mention the immigrants we let in here that apparently like to bitch how much they hate us.
Don’t spend you Friday trying to insult America because your ancestors didn’t have the balls to immigrate to a unknown places. Wow,look how much they fucked their selves!
I don’t get it…I hate public restrooms ..so I don’t use them..hate Mcdonalds..so I don’t eat. I you hate America don’t come here! We have enough people coming here for a better life.

107. Jesse - April 24, 2011

The s curve in the toilet is also in the sinks. These s curves are called traps. They are a safety device. They prevent toxic and combustible sewer gases from getting into buildings.

Quit disrespecting classic architecture or architecture inspired by classic architecture. Okay?

I have six curtains in my house.

Why are most of these things weird?!

United States Girl - June 7, 2011

Thats right Jesse!

108. poop - April 30, 2011


Anonymous - May 31, 2011

I love the Aussies and find that we have more in common than not. But to say ones culure is gay or stupid is well just ignorant and the list was not unkind it was just an observation….
I think crisps for chips and chips called crips is weird…because I am an American but where I live now they are friets… go figure. Not to matter they all taste pretty darn good!
Toilites yep…I agree the to-lites suck in the USA, did not realize it until I moved to Europe.
Where I live they never say pardon excuse me and I find it rude by my culture in the USA but here it is the norm….Just like personal space it is all where you come from but nothing can be right wrong unless universally.

Anonymous - March 27, 2014

Thats what aussies are. Pooooooooop

109. Brook - June 2, 2011

Haha, I am a American and, i thought this was so funny. I have a button on the top of my toliet and, a shower that you can change pressure and, overhead lights. My sinks dont have a hole in them for the over flow my sinks are glass and sit on top. Also the commercials here are stupid! Maybe I should move to Australia..

Brook - June 2, 2011

Oh and they do complain about the weather expically in UTAH!!

110. United States Girl - June 7, 2011

United States here. Face it, America is where it’s at. If we are weird blame every other country because America is only in existence riding on the shirt tail’s of every other country. We stole our language, culture, additude, and even many people to be the country we are. Be it good, bad, or ugly look at yourselves.

Anonymous - March 27, 2014

True that shit. Didnt you forget we have microsoft? Bill gates is a motherfucking god. I think microsoft describes Mick the dicks dick

111. Anonymous - June 14, 2011

I’m American, and I think this is a funny list. I think it’s funny when something I find normal is found weird by someone else. I would totally trip out if someone asked me for chips expecting to get fries lol!

I hate most of the drivers here, I try to do my part and drive respectfully. The funny thing is, the worst drivers I’ve encountered weren’t even from the untied states. I was in traffic with a guy who thought it was ok to drive between the lanes, and I had a cab driver in NYC who decided to turn left into incoming traffic. Both of these people were fresh from other counties.

There are many horrible Americans, but there are a lot of great ones too. Try the small towns in Northern California if you want to meet some kind down to earth people.

112. Amazing America:) - July 1, 2011

Wow, it’s crazy that i’ve been getting emails in regard to this blog for five years?
I can’t help but chuckle every time I get one. All because people hate American with an undying passion.
I sort of feel like the rest of the world have the mentality of an high school teenager. When things are tough for them they insult them into the ground. Well to the last person who was babbling about us having no culture and we will go down. You and I know, it’s never going to happen. Why, some may ask? Because we wont let it happen, the citizens have a majority of the control not the government, and the citizens are smart to boot. No one will EVER take over. Think how long we been here, have we ever been close to being invaded? Hell no. Getting away from the rest of the heard was the best decision people made years ago. Look at the peace the United States and Canada maintain over here. It’s heaven. In fact it’s so wonderful that thousands of YOUR citizens try hard to become our citizens yearly. Mexico has some work, but the only problem we have with them, is drug smuggling and illegal immigration, a problem we are working on.
America is an amazing place to live. The people are friendly. The land is beautiful. “The bigger they are the harder they fall” That quote don’t apply to us dear, we will NEVER fall, we have an military that is stronger than several military’s combined. And we have back ups…and more back ups…. People in this country volunteer to fight for what we love because we know the government has our backs and trust our brothers and sisters in war. We may not agree with every step that our government makes, but at least we can stand up and make a change. Unlike many other countries out there, where the government whers the pants!!!

113. Anonymous - July 6, 2011

hahaha if ive learned anything its that europeans are just as ignorant, as are africans, asians, eurasians and australians. I live in boulder colorado which is the fittest/happiest city in the north american continent. It also has a higher per-capita education and income then just about ANY european city excluding i think 2 in northern europe. The United states is the 3 most populous country on earth, i GUARANTEE you can find an example that refutes any abnormality stated in this forum. The reality is that their are over 300 million people spread out over an area larger then the UK, northern europe, southern tip (france spain) and eastern europe. So when you say “All of the united states is weird because of —–) its the effective equivalent of saying all europeans are weird when the truth is anybody who knows anything about europe can tell you each country is different. A better judgment that could be made would differentiate between east and west US where their is actually a very discernible difference in character I.E. California vs NewYork.

114. Anonymous - July 14, 2011

Are you fucking retarded?

115. Whoosk - July 24, 2011

List of weird thing Australians do:

Say things like “good on ya” and “too easy”….nothing is on me and if it was i dont think it be good. & what is too easy? Thinking of things to put on this list?

Calling fries “chips”. No.

Charging 17 bucks a pack for fucking cigarettes!!!! (and selling them in odd increments like packs of 25 and 50.)

There are two flush “buttons” on top of toilets (which they call the loo or the dunny) one for a half flush and one for a whole flush.

Toilets and sinks aren’t commonly in the same room. There is a separate room just to wash your hands. Why?

A $20 bottle of whiskey (750 ml) is $75 in Australia. A $14 30 pack of beer is $40 and I think the highest they go is 24 packs.

People say “no worries” instead of youre welcome. I wasn’t ever worried to begin with…..

Tire is spelled “tyre”. Don’t ask me.

People commonly go on welfare for a year after “year 12” (which is 12th grade). This is called going on the DOLE

Minimum wage is much higher than it is here in America.

“ies” is added as a suffix to a lot of things, for example bikers are bikies, surfers are surfies, etc.

Mcdonalds is called Maccas, even on the radio and tv commercials. (it’s Mickey Deez btw)

You can curse a lot more on the radio and tv, things like motherfucker and cunt are sometimes acceptable but bloody is deemed a swear word.

There are hardly any black people (non aboriginal black people) and everything seems kind of segregated.

A LOT of boys ages 15 to 24 have mullets or rattails. What is this 1992?

Eggs aren’t kept in the fridge at the supermarket they’re just on the shelf.

They call brits POHMs (prisoners of her majesty) but the queen of England is on their five dollar bill and she still holds lawful authority within Australian parliament.

They don’t have newports or any other real menthol cigs, all of their menthols are lights and called things like Peter Jacksons.

Guys all wear really short shorts and it’s hard to find any that go to your knees.

Flip flops are called thongs and thongs are called bathers.

Gas is called petrol

A fanny is a girls pussy not her ass

116. Anonymous - July 24, 2011

Thanks for letting us know all their little querks. They spent so much time talking about us, seems they want to be us 🙂 We don’t talk much about them. Why?? We don’t give a ^%&# lol

117. Whoosk - July 25, 2011


118. Mick - July 25, 2011

Ha! Great to see a comeback of Weird Australian Shit!

You’ve nailed a lot of our peculiarities and stuff that I hadn’t realised were unique to our country.
We use a lot of different terms to describe things. Most of it is stolen from the poms, (which is NOT short for Prisoners of Her Majesty) http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-pom1.htm
However, the Queen is merely a figurehead and really has not control over our government

Not being a smoker I hadn’t thought about the differences in ciggies!

Maccas is definitely McDonalds for us. I thought it was funny to hear the Americans say Micky Dee’s.

The dual flush thing is an environmental and water conservation thing. We are often struck down with droughts, so the half-flush thing makes sense, especially for No. 1’s 😛

I wouldn’t say that it is COMMON for people to go on the dole after finishing school. Most would find jobs or continue to university. If you’re a drop-kick and can’t find work then the dole/welfare is the last option..

I love the fact that we can swear in our country with freedom. Sure, it’s not suitable for kids to hear it, but why shouldn’t be be allowed to say fuck or cunt on late night TV? America is very prudish with this.

Oh yeah, and we store eggs in the fridge after we buy them, but they are definitely not chilled at the supermarker. Mind you, I take them out of the fridge before I cook with them. Better at room-termperature!

Thanks for the list Whoosk!

119. Whoosk - July 27, 2011

The feedback is much appreciated mick (: Growing up with one Aussie parent and an American mom (not mum) I’ve learned to embrace both cultures but am and will be (proudly I might add) an true American for life!

120. Anonymous - August 13, 2011

I think this is just a collection of small knit-picky things that someone deemed necessary to rant about. All countries have their differences. Also America is made of different regions in which most of these things don’t apply. I was raised in the south eastern portion of the united states in which my parents taught me to understand and respect a different cultures idiosyncrasies. I will defend to the death your right to state your opinions however most of them are biased and strange.

121. Anonymous - September 11, 2011

I know this shit is old as hell, but postpostpost.

Yeahhh…it seems like this entire thing is based on one single household. If you know know the first thing about the U.S., you know that all of this varies wildly. From house to house, city to city, state to state, everything. This whole thing is so sliver-thin in its view that it’s actually kind of hard to remark on. It’s like checking out a single breed of fish, and then using that to write an epic about the ocean. Even before the well-deserved insults, this is just bizarrely ignorant, uninformed, pedantic, and limp-wristedly pissy.

Ah well. That’s normal, especially in regard to the subject at large.

Madsen Rollis - October 19, 2011

Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. My sentiments exactly.

122. Anonymous - September 21, 2011

I don’t know why foreigners insult America so much, its the world power and we choose to be nice to most countries. just be glad your not living in the middle of a war zone. Like the middle east

123. Rabiddorito - December 5, 2011

I’m really sorry we hurt your feelings by not saying your welcome! But frankly we don’t give a shit xD .

124. Anonymous - December 5, 2011

What kind of person lets the toilets bother them so much?

125. Jakob - December 21, 2011

Got mobbed by Americans, relentless. Was nearly suicide. I agree – Americans are the most evil land and people on this world

126. Jakob - December 21, 2011

Most americans are stupid and have only shit in brains. Literally – nobody else on the world cares for them, when they go under with their system there finally. They will one day crash down and the whole world will celebrate this with a big smile!

Anonymous - January 2, 2012

American’s are a country made up of many other countries people who have come from all over. So how ever you feel about Americans you must feel about others.

Fuck americunts - February 26, 2014

LMAO true

127. Jones - December 24, 2011

Oh my gosh all of you people make me sad. How can you all rag on Americans like that? If one of them said things like that about your country you’d be pissed off too. You’re basing your hatred on stereotypes, and most of those stereotypes are wrong. Every country has their rude people, and every country has their nice people.
Seriously, guys, shut up and get lives.

JJ - May 11, 2012

Aren’t you sterotypying right now, some of us who you say are “ragging” are just saying our opinion and im not saying its nk to be saying stupid stuff about america, but you have to know that we recieve this a lot to, so don’t act like your the only one. I’m reading some of america comments and some are terrible acting as if all foreigners are “ignorant”.

128. Americano - January 26, 2012

I am american, i am not offended because we think the things other countries do are weird as well.

129. Chris Hagebush - January 26, 2012

Also if you went to California it would only make since for them to be bad drivers because in California they drive crazy. But when I visit my grandparents in Idaho I dont see as many bad driversit all depends on what part of the country you go to

130. jenn - January 28, 2012

Heads up in the U.K our toilet’s, skin’s and KFC are the same. Also it’s very rude to class all americans as the same. You get obnoxious, rude people in every country.

131. seo - January 31, 2012

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132. nat - February 2, 2012

I met an american once…… turned out to be very inspirational

133. Will - February 17, 2012

Ok first off that list is BS. Some is true but most are straight up lies.

1. The plumbing is different wherever you go so the flushing point is half true. We have different types of toilets handle and button. If Australia only has button, who’s the ones who can’t except change? Yea moving along.

2. Light switches are different. Up/down, sliders, knobs to go from dim to full light. Again the list is inaccurate.

3. The showers all depends. I don’t know where you stayed but it sounds like a rat motel. Every country has them.

4. The sinks? WTF are you talking about they have a hole in them? Where do you expect the water to go? SMH.

5. The driving? Yes we have a-hole drivers. Big SUV’s and pickups? It sounds like you were in Texas or something. BTW I don’t live in Texas but Texans have been some of my best friends and they will say please and thank you. You must’ve been hanging around foreigners who come to the states w/o manners.

6. As for the food. You know you can order things the way you like. If you don’t want pickles just say no pickles. I don’t understand what’s so hard about that. You can’t come to America and expect it to be like Australia.

7. The houses look old? So do houses in other countries. I live in LA and I can assure you a lot of them do not look old. Depending on what part of town you’d be blown away by the opulence. Even in mid level communities.

8. As for being loud and obnoxious. You have no right to even say that. Europe and Australia has their hooligans that would make NFL fans look pale in comparison.

I’m gonna stop right there cause obviously you went to the shittiest part of town wherever you went. Then you want to judge an entire country as if you visited every corner of it.

I don’t understand why people talk major shit about America then want to come and visit and enjoy the benefits. Europeans come here and spend their vacation in NY, LA, Miami, Hawaii, etc. Enjoy themselves and then go back home to talk shit. It’s like eating at someones house and enjoying yourself then going home and making up lies. The food was shit, blah blah but you licked the plate clean. Mexicans talk shit too but you can’t walk down any street in LA w/o seeing or having to deal with one. I don’t dislike Mexicans, I’m just saying.

If you don’t like being told to go back home if you don’t like it here, then don’t bitch. If I didn’t like a place and someone said to go back America I’d say might as well. Why’d you come here in the first place if you felt so strongly against Americans? If I don’t like a place I won’t go period.

As for the rudeness. You get that ANYWHERE on the planet. Not just America. Just cause you’re insecure about yourself and your country isn’t our fault. People are rude in LA but it’s LA. Everyone is all about their careers and livelihood.

Complaining about uh huh and yup. Seriously? Believe me, people mean no harm when saying that. Americans like to shorten things and not be formal every waking second of the day. You have to look at the context. They could say your welcome with a cheery look on their face and still be saying fuck you. You’re nitpicking.

Bottom line is, you can’t come to America and expect it to be like your home country. A lot of us like to learn new things but people already have preconceived notions about us. You’re blaming the wrong ones too. Blame the damn government and not the people. We didn’t send troops to Vietnam, Iraq, etc. It was the GOVERNMENT. I can go on and on. Looks like the ignorant and rude ones are the people coming over here already judging and not looking in the mirror.

Will - February 17, 2012

Oh yea we have curtains and ceiling lights. I don’t know where the hell you were at. Sounds like out in the desert. Yea your list is total BS and full of generalized lies.

134. erin - February 20, 2012

You’ve obviously never been south. I’m from south Alabama and everyone here say thanks and please. We were taught to respect people. You need to see every place in the U.S. before you judge us.

135. Natan - February 26, 2012

Djeeze, Americans are so ignorant! They think they know something about the world, well most of them don’t. lol. America is pathetic…

Proud to be European. Haha!

136. Heather Keith - March 7, 2012

Born and raised in Kentucky, USA (bring on the KFC jokes) and in high school I studied abroad in Finland (that’s in Europe, for the dim wits). I noticed the toilets are different, that the cars are very small in Finland, but they have a few trucks here and there. I was louder than most, but I’m a really happy, excitable person. This might be obnoxious to people who are quiet or uptight, but the German, Austrian, French, and Belgium exchange students seemed to understand my being loud was just my being happy and passionate. However, those 17 year old high schoolers from Europe all knew NOT TO JUDGE my ENTIRE country based on ME…they could generalize I was a pretty average Kentuckian, sure, but I’m NOTHING like the New York or California exchange students! The hispanic-American from Idaho was similar, but the Europeans were still smart enough to realize AMERICANS ARE DIVERSE and shouldn’t all be called fat, lazy, rude, loud, or anything else.

137. Gabrielle - March 21, 2012

hahaha i’m living in america and i found this to be hilarious! why all the fighting? it just goes to show that every country or region has its personality. plus, certain parts of the states feel like their own nation. i’ve been to places that have a lot of european influence (including functional water closets), but then i’ve been to places that are not at all like that. i laugh that everything here seems to be plastic or plastic-coated. even the toilet houses in state/national parks are plastic. it’s quirky in a cute, love-of-your-life kind of way. 😉

JJ - May 11, 2012

Hahah !!! Same!! I found it quite amusing, but the thing they don’t realize is that they do that to other countries constantly… maybe not all of them… but suprsisingly a large quantity of them.

138. Anonymous - March 26, 2012

Well everybody says thank you ALL THE TIME here and it usually comes across as droll or insincere. In that case, you say no problem, because an equally insincere “you’re welcome” sounds like “you’re lucky I even did that for you”. And sincere thank you’s between friends usually permit a casual “no problem”. However, in situations that demand politeness (meeting the parents), a “you’re welcome” will suffice.

139. Anonymous - March 27, 2012

There seems to be a point lost on many of you. With the exception of “indians” (or “Native Americans” for you PC types) every “American” emigrated from some other part of the world (mainly Euroope) within the last few hundred years.

So if we’re “weird” then you’re “weird”.

It’s a funny old world, innit?

As for the list, I found a few inaccuracies and the rest I didn’t consider weird.

140. Anonymous - April 5, 2012

As an early-20s American woman, having lived alone the past 5 years in Australia and Europe, I am living in countries that are not my own. This has been a bit daunting, and wow – I have found out what it is like to be pre-judged simply because of my being American.

It have received MUCH rudeness (mostly in Australia, France, and England… the Irish and Italians have made me feel so welcome). Your list is as generalising and close-minded as it gets. Hmmmm kinda reminds me of some people I’ve met while living abroad.

They come to me with their ideas of what Americans are like (some never even having been there), without even realising that I am looking at them as if they are thick – because they are doing the exact thing that they accuse Americans of doing.

(Besides, half of your list is not an accurate picture of me or how my life was in the US… ie I am very shy, as is my family. The other half of the list are things that aren’t even that big of a deal… ie light switches. I’m wondering why they even matter?)

I am a respectful world traveller, who respects the people of the country I am in. I don’t assume the French love baguettes, the Irish are drunks, or Australians have kangaroos in their backyards. And you can NOT tell me you have not met many a loud Australian, because I have. -_-

141. Anonymous - May 4, 2012

Sometimes when one says “uh huh” or something unexpected they are in a service job and probably get thanked 200 times a day and get tired of saying the same thing so change it up. Uh huh is an informal awknowledgement.

People talking to themselves? You’re probably just not noticing their bluetooth wireless cell phone earpieces.

I worked in a place and interacted with people from all over the world, every day. Typically the people who were most polite were Americans, Canadians, Brits, Chinese, and Japanese. Although most of the time Chinese were simply quiet which can be confused with politeness.

142. Anonymous - May 8, 2012

Your list was…interesting to read. I am an American and I’m not putting down your list but I think you should make note that Americans are vastly different depending on where they come from (community/state-wise). Where I live, no one much cares about the weather and I have never walked into a room that didn’t have an overhead light. Just as I know that a community 100 miles from me freaks if it rains…it just depends. I’m not saying that you are wrong but I would have liked your list more if you included some things that you thought were cool while you were there. I would also like to know what your country is like. Meaning, does everything in your country look new as opposed to old, and does everyone say “you’re welcome” or do you guys say a different phrase that is the equivalent? Those were just my thoughts

143. Danielle Walsh (@D_Walshenburg) - May 10, 2012

This isn’t America, this is the United States. A part of America not the entire thing. I hope people know that Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, they are all a part of America.

144. JJ - May 11, 2012

I am tired of Americans saying “your offending our culture” excuse me but you offend peoples culture every time in your movies, jokes and many media, you display Africa for being a mud hut, and china for having funny eyes and different accents, and europeans for being snobby. You act as if your the “best” country in the world when your not, and im not saying that other countrys are better than you. But stop being so personal when you do the same thing to others all the time.

Sure, some of this stuff may not be true about oyu guys… but trust me alot of the collective that i have read,seen heard, and even talked with act as if any culture besides the US is the best. Its sickening… and down right sad.

JJ - May 11, 2012

Also there can be things we don’t like about you guys and things you dont like about us foreigners so the whole defense thingy is really pathetic.

145. Anonymous - May 16, 2012

i find it funny to see people form other contrys come over to mine and have to ajust. you have good points xD

146. Ace - May 20, 2012

Fucking Australians.. Always bitching about everything. I hosted one because I wanted to know more about Australian culture, and all she did was complain about everything. If you don’t like it here, go back to your country with the rest of the assholes. I bought her everything she needed and wanted and she left without as much as saying a simple thank you. Damn foreigners. In general, most americans are reasonably generous, and open their homes and all the stupid exchange students do is complain about our lifestyle. I don’t get it…..

147. Danielle - May 23, 2012

I’ve noticed that most comments from people outside of the US are on the offensive while Americans are on the defensive, hardly the other way around. Some even criticized Americans for not having a sense of humor or for taking your comments personally. Frankly, I don’t see how nitpicking and making derogatory statements can be seen as funny or something to be taken as a joke. Tease us for our large portions of food and unrealistic depictions of class/race, but don’t assume that all Americans are dumb, self-involved, disrespectful, etc…

Actually, I take that back. Maybe we are a little self-involved. Like, I’ll post this and never think about it again. And I won’t actively take the time to think about how I can criticize every other country in the world. Americans tend not to give a shit unless they are being outwardly attacked, like on here for instance. I’d say the general attitude of Americans is not one of arrogance, but rather one of apathy. World affairs? What are those?

That being said, it’s not that Americans are complete idiots either. Most of us have access to international news. Most of us have the ability to research beyond Google and Wikipedia (Colleges make you use scholarly sources). But honestly, if there is not some horrible wrongdoing or tragedy (Japan Tsunami, for example), and we are not directly or even indirectly involved, then we just don’t give a fuck. I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing or something that makes us stupid. Why worry about it? Why sweat the small stuff? We don’t take the time to nitpick and criticize every little bad thing other countries might do, so why should you? I will say though that Americans could benefit from learning who the major powers in the world are, like prime ministers, presidents, how world economics affect American economics, etc…

It also has to do with media. News in other countries may have more stories tied to international affairs and issues in America. Perhaps the reason people from other countries seem to “know” so much about America; they see or hear about it in the daily news. We unfortunately don’t get that luxury of having stories about other countries on the front page of the paper or getting daily stories on news broadcasts.It’s not really our fault. American government/business is to blame for most of the flaws you perceive, not American citizens themselves.

I guess I just don’t understand all this hate. And I am a little defensive. We have different ideals and a different way of life. Why do you care?

By the way, I don’t even think this matters, but I immigrated here.

Danielle - May 23, 2012

Also, I just wanted to comment on the perceived American rudeness: There are assholes all over the world; some of them are commenting on this blog. And they’re not limited to America. So don’t assume you’re all “high and mighty” because you think you’re less of an asshole than a typical American. Personally, I think pretty much every single person on the internet sucks.

Anonymous - June 5, 2012

I’ll try to be as courteous about this as possible while still making my point. Every country is going to be different from other countries. It’s not automatically weird just because you’re not used to it. By saying things like that you make people mad and offend them, as well as coming off as a bit close-minded. You tend to offend people when you say things like that because it’s how things have always been for them. It’s how they live their life and they’re used to it. They don’t like someone coming in and saying they’re so weird and stupid for it. You just have to learn to accept other cultures and life styles instead of judging them. Every place has something to offer. I suggest you try to look for the good things in a country instead of judging it and the people in it by the bad things and people and things that are strange to you. You can’t judge a country solely by what is new to you and what you see a majority of the people doing.

Anonymous - June 5, 2012

Sorry, that was supposed to be on a separate comment :3 I fail.

148. Anonymous - June 13, 2012

I’d just like to congratulate you on your blog, Mick.

6 years of friendly banter about saying “you’re welcome” is a great effort. Only an Aussie could pull that off. Well done, mate.

One thing that I have noticed in the replies from the pro-American responses is the poor sentence structure/grammar. Maybe it’s because they type like they speak – before they think. I’d like to see that on your next list, actually.

Jejune - June 13, 2012

I resent that. The grammar in my post was impeccable.

Mick - July 8, 2012

Hey, Thanks Anonymous. I still get entertained by all of the comments on this post. 🙂

Anonymous - March 27, 2014

So youre fucking helping this aussie pussy out? Youre idiotic, stooping that low.

149. amanda - June 20, 2012

To all fellow Americans who have posted here:
Your all an embaressment to America. Your disgustingly stuck in this “pride” that most idiotic America are in. You people need to wake up, and realize what the fuck is going on in our country. All of these people are right. We think we are number one, but why? Because our population is nothing but obese, drug addicted, greedy, unintelligent drones; who would not even know how to register into survival mode anymore, because we’re too “caught up in the motions”. Seriously, we gotta wake up. We’re not free anymore, you don’t even realize it.

Sam - June 21, 2012

The only one who should be embarrassed is the one who can’t spell i.e. yourself. Don’t go around bantering about how Americans need to wake up and educate themselves and what not if you can’t even compose a simple sentence.

Also, “Because our population is nothing but obese, drug addicted, greedy, unintelligent drones”. I don’t know what hillbilly ghetto you come from but It’s safe to assume that these are conditions that only a small amount of the population is living in besides every country has its fair share of people fitting that very description.

Pride is only a sin when you let it get in the way of reason…don’t ever call yourself an American online again if all you are going to post is meaningless demeaning dribble about your home. You only make yourself look bad.

150. Anonymous - June 21, 2012

I feel like if you say “You’re Welcome” it sounds like you were expecting a “Thank You”. No problem just means that it wasn’t a bother to you to do what you did for the other person…I guess if I ever travel though I’ll keep these things in mind.

151. Unimpressed - June 21, 2012

I’m an Australian that has been living in the UK for a couple of years. I went to America for the first time last year. My experience of the people was fantastic. Everyone was so polite and friendly and I never had any problems or thought anyone was rude. If you think they are rude, maybe you are the one with the problem and they are just reacting to your attitude. Also, why go to a country and trash it?? That is such a rubbish thing to do. Very un-Australian. If you don’t like it, then leave.
People who go to foreign countries and spend all their time complaining about how it is are the worst kind of people. Just stay at home in your little bubble that you know so well and think about how much better it is than anywhere else. But just THINK about it. Don’t feel the need to share your racism and/or prejudice with the rest of the world.

152. Jared - June 22, 2012

I’m an american who finds this true, but I do indeed say thank you :’)

153. Ray - July 1, 2012

Danielle you’re an asshole, you said so yourself!

154. Ray - July 1, 2012

It’s time the Americans were reminded they did’nt discover America!

155. yup - July 10, 2012

No one discovered America. Native Americans lived here for 1000’s of years. Btw the OP sounds really stupid, immature, and generally sad to write this whole thing.

156. cp - July 13, 2012

i agree with a lot of this, as an american but how do your toilets flush?! i went to france, canada and mexico…but i don’t recall seeing anything different.

157. Anonymous - July 16, 2012

Wow, isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world that hates each other and complains about everything that isn’t found in their own culture? That’s what makes this world exciting.. Exploring new cultures.. So I’m sorry if you were inconvienced in America by a lamp or not having recessed lighting. Guess all the people who dreamed of living in America grew accustom to it!

158. Justin - July 19, 2012

A lot of what you stated was actually wrong.I don’t know where you were exactly but the majority of the USA does have the same appliances and such as any other country.I’m from NY and you can just look at someone walking down the street and they’d literally smile and say hello.Until you visit every single state,city,town and meet every person in America,you can’t judge all of us as a whole.(That goes for other countries as well)

159. Emma H. - August 5, 2012

I just laughed super hard at this! I guess being an american myself, none of these things seem weird, just normal. Its interesting to know what foreigners think is weird… 🙂

160. Edson Tan - August 8, 2012

Wow. If you’re going to complain so bloody much about the US (because “America” is not the name of the country), then I have a few things I should state. Hopefully, you will read this and learn a little bit about the world as a whole and life in general. Alright let’s dissect all of your points:

1. I must say that I could only laugh at how much you complained about something you defecate in. My toilet is just that and it serves it’s purpose well.

2. The light switches on the wall turn my lights on and off. I do not care what shape or format they are. They serve their purpose and are easy to understand.

3. We as humans shower to get clean. The ability to control the water pressure is unnecessary (even though every where I’ve lived in the US, I’ve been able to do so).

4. Thank you for pinpointing a convenient aspect of sinks in the US.

5. I understand that the abundance of larger motorized vehicles in the US (such as aforementioned) can have a strong impact on our ecosystem, but you were probably just complaining. To that regard however, the US is still ranked 49 on the Environmental Performance Index, right below Australia at 48 (good job mate).

6. It is against the law in the US to change lanes without a turn signal. In most states, you must check your blind spots before doing so as per regulation. You can’t even earn a driver’s license if you fail to do so.

7. I buy nice lamps. They provide the adequate lighting I need. If you want a “clicky thing” on your lamp, then simply purchase another. I have a set of lamps in which I can adjust the level of lighting on a very wide range. They were inexpensive as well.

8. All the rooms in all the homes I have ever had in the US have had overhead lights, I’m sorry.

9. Because of your poor use of the English language, I did not understand what you were trying to say about the lights being green or white. In the US, green means you can start driving again when at an intersection. If you’re referring to a crosswalk, then the big red hand means don’t walk.

10. The US may have large bees, but Australia’s spiders are the largest in the world as per species average. It simply requires common sense to not get stung by a bumblebee.

11. Order your sandwiches without pickles if you do not like them. I personally cook my food at home and am dedicated to eating healthy. Pickles very rarely go with my meals, even though I enjoy them as well.

12. It IS strange that they wouldn’t be called chicken burgers. Well, I know what to say just in case I wanted to order one.

13. I’m sorry but my new car looks new. My home looks pretty new. Everyone I talk to loves new things and “change” was the entire premise of Barrack Obama’s election campaign (although I am not saying I agree with his policies). When I drive around town, I see new cars and buildings and homes everywhere. Maybe you are confusing the word “new” with “shiny”?

14. If you want curtains instead of shutters, then replace your shutters with curtains. I am baffled at how simple it is to resolve some of your complaints. I was able to install curtains in 4 rooms for less than 35 dollars. You say they don’t seem to exist much here, but you can buy curtains at Wal-Mart (and hundreds of different places) for god’s sake! There are even stand alone curtain stores dedicated to only selling curtains.

15. A person is no longer talking to themselves if you have gone out of your way to listen to them do so.

16. Tipping is a gratuity. One way to avoid it, is to choose not to do so. When I am eating at a restaurant, I tip my waiter/waitress out of personal choice.

17. I agree that a beer at a bar is expensive. However, I can buy a case of beers for much cheaper at the store. I am sorry if getting intoxicated in the US is such an incredible hassle to you. Personally, I would rather engage in much more fulfilling activities, social or otherwise.

18. I say “You’re welcome” after someone has thanked me. I have always gotten that response as well because I am always sincere in expressing my gratitude. I find it hard to believe that you have anything to say about words judging from your horrible use of the English language, as I mentioned earlier.

19. I do not know what to say. I am sorry that you can’t remember how to order fries. Get a combo, you don’t need to remember the words, and you get fries anyway (like a true American consumer!).

20. I do not have a photo of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney in my home. Simply turn your head and look at something else when you land at LAX.

21. I could hardly believe this next one. I mean seriously? “PK” stands for Penalty Kick. That is why they say PK. Have you ever heard of an abbreviation? It is where the first letter of each word in a subject matter is used instead of the actual words themselves. Perhaps the reason why you didn’t say US earlier is because you didn’t know it stood for “United States”. UK: “United Kingdom”, UN: “United Nations”, and so forth.

22. You are so concerned with what everyone else is doing. I watch the weather report so I can determine whether or not I need an umbrella, or if I should be wearing shorts, or if I should just stay in if it’s snowing. I don’t make a “hug” deal about it, not even a HUGE deal about it. You make a huge deal about other people making huge deals about things, so how are you any different? If anything, I’d say you were the one who were obsessed.

23. I watch TV for the televised programming, not for the commercials. However, I find that I am unable to sit at home and watch TV most of the time. I am too preoccupied with being productive. You should try it sometime. Maybe commercials wouldn’t bother you so much.

I sit here wondering what you do that makes you so different than the very people you have so much to say about. It seems like you complain about the stupidest things instead of focusing on improving your grammar, or finding something better to do than sit at home getting drunk and watching TV. The funny thing about posting on a public forum is that people like me can TRULY see how ignorant people like you are. Please do the world a favor and stay in Australia where you are obviously much more comfortable anyway, and you have no room to expostulate anything, mate.

PS… The only word I misspelled in this entire post is “clicky”, and I was quoting YOU.

Anonymous - September 3, 2012

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I dont think anyone could have

Jen - March 29, 2013

Thank you

161. Annonymous - August 12, 2012

At least our country is free.

162. Varija Ramakrishnan - August 16, 2012

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Anonymous - September 3, 2012

you make me sick

163. huntingroos - September 10, 2012

I’m a Kansan in Canberra: the beer in Australia is *way* more expensive than in the states. I don’t know how you can imply the inverse.

164. Blogs are so 2000′s… « 2 Blog or not 2 Blog - September 14, 2012

[…] know, sometimes I forget I still own a blog. I get comments now and then, especially on that Weird American Shit post (check it out. The comments are […]

165. batibuti.ge - September 25, 2012

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166. Christel Platt - October 15, 2012


167. iAnnouska - October 21, 2012

… I’m curious as to where the heck you live(d)? The cars and houses look old? There’s no curtains in homes? “Chicken sandwich” as opposed to it being a chicken burger? Huh? You referenced a whole load of things that I’ve either never heard of or even seen as an American. I travel to Europe all the time to visit family and find that it isn’t so different than the U.S, apart from minor differences, so if you have a culture-shock from American culture, then that leads to wonder how the hell your life was back in Australia? Did you shit in outhouses and live in a cabin?

168. Crystal - November 7, 2012

Australians suck at tipping. The second we hear a “cheers, mate” we know we’re screwed. Tipping in America IS unavoidable, indeed, as is having your day at work ruined by cheap ass Australians intent on proving how superior their system is at the expense of people working for their living in tips. If you hate the US so much feel free to never come back, Aussies are top 5 most hated tourists where I live.

169. Hidan - November 24, 2012

They also eat shit!

170. set appointments on telephone - December 1, 2012

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171. hohjohn - December 13, 2012

Hmm, so “no problem” and “uh-huh” are not acceptable but “no worries” is acceptable? Just asking.

172. Anonymous - December 13, 2012

Ha aha this is gold. I have to turn on like 4 lamps to get the room bright enough

173. Newcroft - January 1, 2013

My own experience of Americans was in 1985 when I was an on-duty cop in Glasgow (the Silver Broom Curling Championship). Many nationalities attended. The Canadians were tops when it came to getting on with others. Indeed, they were a breath of fresh air. But the Americans? Oh dear me! What a shower of complaining pain-in-the-necks. Nothing was good enough for them (even the weather).

I was much younger then, however, from what I experienced of the Americans, it deterred me from ever visiting their country.

174. Caroline - January 7, 2013

So you’re complaining about us complaining? If I ever go to Australia, I’ll be sure to write a blog post to complain about Australia. Also PK means penalty kick. You see there is this cool thing called abbreviations which allows you to abbreviate words, for example, United States of America is abbreviated as either USA or US. If you don’t like the US then don’t come. It is that simple.

175. Anonymous - January 16, 2013

This blog post is unintelligent, rude and unbelievably appalling.

176. Newcroft - January 16, 2013

It depends on which posts/comments/views to which you refer. In this respect, I am at a loss! Are you an American (complaining about the views of others towards Americans), or are you one of the many other nationalities who have been honest about their dealings with Americans?

If you are an American citizen, I would sincerely suggest that you go outwith your country’s borders and expand your horizon before lashing out at others.

177. caoimhynn - February 7, 2013

Wow, seems your article stirred some commotion ;).

The thing is, non-Americans will always think they’re country is better – Americans will always think their country is better. The truth is, it’s what you personally are used to, that will always seem better to you. And in reality, each country has its advantages/disadvantages. There is no better or worse country, just differences, and those differences are interesting. And it’s only by going from your familiar place (whether it be the USA or Europe or Australia) to another one that you will see that, and at first you will be tempted to “cling on” to your home-culture and say it is automatically better.. But later you will see that it is just different. I am a European, my husband is American. He is used to American customs and finds European customs strange sometimes while it is the other way around for me, perspective…

At first, because of tv and stuff, you have the impression that the USA and Europe aren’t very different, but to me they really were!
The tipping is definitely something I had to get used to, because we just don’t have to think about it in Europe, so have some compassion with European tourists my American friends :p, they don’t mean to be rude when they don’t tip, they’re just not used to it!

Nice blog, I will come and take a look from time to time!

178. Larry - March 20, 2013

Americans are weird, our stuff is weird, we are the best, we are loud, we have the coolest stuff, the best music, the best food, the fattest people, the best beer, the most entitled society, the best Olympic teams, the hottest chicks, the fakest tits, and I love it all. I would also like to visit other places, and I bet everyone thinks their homeland is also the best, and that’s fine for them.

HarvardScholar - March 29, 2013

Fucking right, man!

179. Citizen of the World - April 22, 2013

I’ve never had a hometown, per se, but I do consider myself American. I understand being proud of your country, but at the same time we do need to learn to take a joke. The only ‘American’ stereotype that irritates me is the idea that we are all ignorant, stupid neanderthals, because I prize my intelligence above all else. You can joke at me and say I’m fat, and I won’t mind. You can say I’m loud and obnoxiousness, and I’m alright with that. You’re just having a laugh. But please, don’t tell me that I am dumb because of my country of origin. That’s all I ask…

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181. Jennifer - May 11, 2013

-Is that not normal? O_O And some public toilets have buttons…
-Well, how else would they flush??
-I’m… not sure I comprehend…
-That’s true. I’ve never in my life seen a shower where you control the ‘pressure’. I’m used to just adjusting the temperature—I didn’t even know there were showers that did that…
-That’s true, most do have that.
-Not all of us do. But lots do. I do. ^^
-Once again, guilty as charged.
-I’ve never heard of a lamp that turns on half… And they have all kinds of switches. Mine have knobs you turn, but we don’t use them. We turn them on and off using the light switch.
-Almost all the rooms in my house have both. The ones that don’t, have chandeliers on lights on the ceiling fan. The bathroom has it on the ceiling and the mirror, but the ceiling light doesn’t work.
-I thought they WERE white??
-Yup. They’re horrible.
-Not everything. And when they do, they’re sliced. Never full pickles.
-Once again, true. But they do have veggie burgers.
-I don’t know, it looks fancy. But I don’t really see old cars.
-Every single window in my house has curtains… They have blinds, too, but still.
-Um… Are you sure they weren’t using BLUETOOTH? I never really see anyone outside talking to themselves…
-I’m pretty sure you’re generally supposed to tip 15% of the check. If you’re really satisfied, though, you tip more.
-We do say you’re welcome… Least in NY they do. Where in the USA did you go??
-Yup. Here ‘chips’ are called Fries. If you call fries ‘chips’, then what are ‘fries’ where you’re from?
-Okay, yeah, that’s creepy…
-I…don’t….watch…sports…(so confused right now….)
-Not in NY, they aren’t.
-Yeah, commercials are…. Yeah.

182. Shanna - May 14, 2013

Really?? We have tons of handles on our toilets? I’m American and I’m pretty sure that I only have ONE handle on my toilet and so does everybody else..you are rude rude rude

183. Shanna - May 14, 2013

And we CAN control the pressure of the water in the shower.

184. Shannon Elizabeth - May 26, 2013

Well New York isn’t the best place to go you’re first time in America

185. Jenna Cornett - June 24, 2013

I find many of your opinions true and funny; although not all American’s are loud or rude. You can find obnoxious people from all parts of the world. Out of curiosity where have you visited in America?
An American.

186. TheGleamingAlexis - July 7, 2013

They’re called fries man. I’m not just going to show up in Austrailia and be like “Hey can I have some fries with my burger?” And automatically post it to my list of sh*t Austrailians do just because they have different names for stuff.

And BTW, we DO have water pressure adjustments. What kind of crappy hotel have YOU been staying in?

187. Anonymous - July 29, 2013

Have you ever thought that the people talking to themselves might be talking to someone else on Bluetooth?

188. Anonymous - July 29, 2013

Most of these are false and baised on foreign opinions so don’t be too insulted.

189. sheilae233455@yahoo.com - August 14, 2013

One thing I’ve noticed about foreign visitors here to America: They erroneously believe that what’s considered normal in one part of country it must the same throughout the entire country, and that’s not so. Foreign visitors cannot seem to grasp just how huge the U.S. compared to their rather small countries and that the U.S. has many different dialects and regions with their own cultural traditions and way of doing things. Their ignorance of what America really is is astounding.

190. PrehistoricCavedweller - August 25, 2013

Hahahaha!! Fucking hilariously priceless shit I just came across here. Gees, All you Americans sound so uptight and over-sensitive to something that’s supposed to be simple humor. And you australians are a bunch of whiny complainers everywhere you go. Trust me americans, when I say Australians are the most racist and cocky bunch of people, because I live in a country just North of them (Although some are okay, some think they are better than others – fuck you if you think I am being stereotypical – I can say whatever I want like it or not).

191. Anonymous - August 25, 2013

Where I come from, you hardly see or here loud-mouthed obnoxious people. You dont hear smart talking or hurtful jokes or insensitive remarks being said openly. You know why? Because you would get beat up!! Seriously, I understand that every country is different, but if some or most of the movies, commercials, newspapers, etc…portray the attitude of your people, you wouldn’t last long in my country before you get beat and learn your lesson the hard way. Being polite and courteous, in my part of the world, is not merely a moral obligation, it is a matter of life or death (not as serious as the muslims – but you run the risk of getting your ass whooped).
And for the ignorant drivers on the road who do not turn on their signal lights when changing lanes, they get a broken jaw as a reward for their stupidity.

192. shaye - September 21, 2013

Um, most of these don’t even apply to most of america. As for the you’re welcome thing….most people I’ve said thank you to in my life have said you’re welcome. Of course there are rude people but there are rude people everywhere. How can you go to one place and make claims about everyone and everywhere in America? I watched a television program about Australia once and now I know that everyone there is a crocodile hunter and has a pet kangaroo. That’s how dumb you sound.

193. American. - September 29, 2013

I’m American,, and obviously you’ve only been to the steriotypical parts of California. Nobody acts like that, I and many other Americans have said your welcome in our lives. We say uh-huh but thats just the same to us.

194. Katrina - September 30, 2013

Thats so funny…being australian and going to usa…everything is such a big deal there! Very weird people who love the sound of their own voices…too funny girlfriend…like whatevaaa.

195. Anonymous - October 4, 2013

Its true though, most americans, especially the children, are so rude! they have no clue what thank you and your welcome mean, i live in america but my parents are hispanic so im raised a little different, but i really just hate when people dont have manners.

196. Anonymous - October 5, 2013

This post and comments are enough evidence that the whole world is stupid. Humans are insignificant mortal creatures.

Dude SRSLY - October 30, 2013

As if you aren’t?

197. Anonymous - October 8, 2013

Well I say “You`re VERY welcome” get you heads round that one 😉

198. Anonymous - October 9, 2013

Ok, it sounds like you stayed in only one place, in which case you shouldn’t have wrote an essay on the subject. There are not only blinds, but also curtains, there are clicky lamps, but also ones with knobs, plenty of places do have overhead lighting, but some think lamps are more romantic, We do have toilets with the two flush buttons as well. Its all based on personal preference. If you were only staying in hotel rooms, or with a few friends, you may not have seen these.

199. Silla - October 17, 2013

Clearly you must have been at a poorer part if the state because saying “you’re welcome” is the norm for the civilized, most houses and apartments have a ceiling light and showers come with 3 knobs that also allow you to control the water flow.

200. Silla - October 17, 2013

Also blinds are easier to maintain then curtains. Most servers make less then minimum wage so tips are how they even make money. That’s why they also hate foreigners like you who are cheap. You say everything is old from where you were staying buts most likely since you were in a poor neighborhood, these people can’t afford top of the line, new products while some others just like the look of the old. You’re also complaining about tv commercials being weird or too simplistic, well guess what? Nobody wants to watch commercials therefore nobody wants to sit around watching a bunch of deep and meaningful tv ads like they must have in Australia.

201. troy - October 17, 2013

You should have lived in Alabama or Florida its not as bad.

202. Anonymous - October 28, 2013

This blog is bullshit… retaaaaad

203. PatrioticGirl - October 30, 2013

Um. I’m American. So now let’s go into the detail. Was that really nessacery? I mean, all that up there was just stereotype after stereotype. Not all Americans are loud and obnoxious. That’s like saying ” All British people drink tea and only tea” I’m actually fairly quiet and my friends are all quiet too. Our heads aren’t “up our asses” Honestly, if you are going to visit another country, be open minded. Most people DO say your welcome. I don’t know why you’re comparing our enviornment to Australia’s when clearly, we live across the world from eachother, in completely different atmospheres so it’s gonna be different. People everywhere speak DUMBASS.Pickles DON’T come with everything,I’ll have you know everyone in my neighborhood has curtains. We’re not ‘obsessed with the weather’ we just take caution caution because we’ve had very bad weather mishaps in the previous ten years. I want no bullshit about how this was supposed to be funny, it WASN’T. We’re not overly sensitive either. We’re just not going to sit here while our country gets trash talked and say nothing. Just because you don’t know us, doesn’t nessicarily mean we are lesser beings without feelings, because this whole blog fucking hurt. And if you don’t like what I had to say, you can fucking DIE.

P.S I wouldn’t hate on Amerrica if I were you. With the strongest military, we could whip your asses anyday of the week.

Fuck americunts - February 26, 2014

Like you whooped vietnam’s arses? lol

Idiot - February 28, 2014

XD you know absolutely jack shit about history dont you. We kicked the mother fucking shit out of the Vietnamese but instead of staying we chose to leave so how bout before you open your mouth to say something ignorant just do us all a favor and just keep it shut and also she is right americans dont deal well with bull shit and most of us fight for what we think is right and if you ever come to america id have you have a 98% chance of getting you ass kicked

204. Ostap Bender (@OstapBender16) - November 7, 2013

I can’t stand it that you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays or on December 25th.

205. Anonymous - November 13, 2013

PLEASE, Mick, tell me where you stayed while in the USA?

I doubt you were in the Midwest, they drive like 15 miles higher than the speed limit! In other places, however, it’s vise versa.

Signature: αω

206. Kimberly - February 7, 2014

I think that it is amazing that you posted this around 2006 and people are still commenting on it. I just want to say thank you for your opinions. I was looking stuff up for school (college) that needed opinions from what people thought was weird that americans ate. This website really did not help but gave me a different out look on things. My boyfriend and I were also discussing how we hate when people do not say “You’re welcome” and we are from here. I’m sorry you had such a horrible time here and nothing good to say. I just think that you could find good in anything if you truly wanted to. America is not full of horrible shit.

207. Jadoir - February 9, 2014

Saying “you’re welcome” in America is frequently avoided for a few reasons.
1: If I already said “please,” I don’t feel the need to say “you’re welcome.” This might seam nonsensical, but in our consumer society we frequently hear “thank you” from people like the teenage cashier at the McDonalds drive through. Typically, I’ll respond by saying something thoughtful that acknowledges that I value the service being provided to me. Especially if they have a fake smile and positive attitude despite their monotonous occupation. Alternatively, I’ll make eye contact, smile, and nod my head “yes.”
2: Most pleasantries are too generic and trite when used among friends. If I earnestly mean the sentiment, I’m going to express it in a statement that is specific, descriptive, and not awkward. (i.e. easily interpreted cold, dry facts that downplay any sense of altruism)
3: Saying “you’re welcome” is smug and elitist. I’m more likely to use the phrase sarcastically while simultaneously polishing my nails on my shirt and then looking at them as if I were already bored of the conversation. And if I say it, the person to whom it is directed most certainly did not prompt me by saying “thank you.”

The American “uh huh” is an expression of embarrassment and humility when used in place of “you’re welcome.”

Americans believe themselves to be exceptional and unique individuals where everything they do is “no problem.” This belief is directly challenged when replying “you’re welcome” instead of “no problem.”

Also, I spent $7,000 on my perfect smile. I’m going to show it off whenever possible.

208. Alexander Joseph Harrison - February 11, 2014

Hey Since When is Tipping Bad…? Most Waiters And Waitresses Only Make About $2.50 An Hour. They Basically Live On Tips.

209. Dan - February 14, 2014

The whole you’re welcome and saying all Americans are rude is so pretentious. The poster didnt mean to come across that way I’m sure. But in America, there are 50 different states. Each have their own society and courtesy. Don’t talk badly about all of us sitting behind a computer. Maybe you should visit some of the good states or cities instead of accusing us all as the big city shmucks that give us a bad name.

210. Fuck americunts - February 26, 2014

the yanks are fat trailer trash retards with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The world would be a better place without these nasally robotic sounding fat fucks.

Idiot - February 28, 2014

you say that the world is better off with no americans but i think the world would be better off without you. you have no place to be judging americans when it is you talking like an idiot ass wipe. You call us trailer trash when in america trailers are looked down upon and no redeeming qualities? I love the fact how we are complete assholes to get whatever we want and we wont let anyone stop us it pretty fucking awesome. So before you claim a whole country has no redeeming qualities how you find some yourself

proud australian - May 18, 2015

Suck my dick you fat yankee cunt a few nukes will stop you dead hahaha

*proud aussie 4 life*

BritBabe - April 15, 2014


211. Bjorn - March 3, 2014

Listen you little shit – you’re extremely critical of everything in the states, but seem to love it all so much more in aus. So go back. And by the way, I’d much rather be a pedestrian in a country like the US where pedestrians actually have the right if way over cars. It’s insane how cars have the right of way in Australia, and drivers there would sooner run one over at a roundabout than slowing down.

212. Lillian - March 5, 2014

It started with i – Phone and it has now gone to live in i – Pad 2; the reason- deficiency of availability.
Instant availability is what is triggering ebook piracy too.
The Vi – O comes pre set with the most widely used cellular
devices, which includes Blackberry, i – Pod, i – Phone amongst others.

213. Anonymous - March 11, 2014

Some off these are surprising! I never knew “no problem” was considered rude in other places…I’ll have to keep that in mind when I travel (if I ever get to). Here, I think “you’re welcome” CAN be considered pretentious because to some here, it can be interpreted as if you are expecting a thank you. I’ll give you a scenario that I’ve witnessed more than a few times:

Two guys are walking towards a door to exit a building. [Here (at least where I’m from in Texas) it’s customary that the first guy would hold the door open for the second guy, provided the second is not a huge distance behind the first.] The first guy does hold the door open for the second, but the second guy strides right by without saying thank you. The first guy looks at the second guy walking away and shouts, “YOU’RE WELCOME.”

^^I think it’s for reasons like that, that “you’re welcome” can be taken as “pretentious”. Then again, it all depends on different factors (ie. the tone it’s said with, who is saying it, etc) People in America are VASTLY different depending on where you go.

Personally, I think a lot of people get their toes stepped on too easily. Do your best to be considerate and kind to others, but…relax, you can’t please EVERYONE. Pour yourself a drink, sit back, watch a movie, read a book, spend time with your family, something worth your time. You can argue all day, but everyone has an opinion. I think it’s interesting to hear the differences between countries. It makes things more fun. Imagine a world where everyone liked and thought all the same things…that would be a little boring.

214. Anonymous - March 27, 2014

This dude is a rudeass. In SC, everyone is nice and says your wlecome. And im sitting under an overhead light right now!

215. John - April 2, 2014

Let’s curse, u fu£king numb-nuts are babbling about the bullshit-nothing as yr pissy ass is afraid to be rude lest someone hurt u. Grow up and get a life.

216. Dani - April 26, 2014

Most of the things you mentioned is not completely true. In America we DO have curtains, and we do say “you’re welcome” in the south at least. We also don’t obsess over the weather unless it’s really bad( like a hurricane ). Americans CAN accept change in fact we have changed more than other countries..

217. Mr.America - May 13, 2014


218. Anonymous - May 26, 2014

loads of nice comments!! heherrmmn.. maybnot.. i spent a few weeks in america when me and my family were on route to the dominican republic. im english and pretty proud.. the best thing about living in england is that you can travel to many places in the world and really appreciate other countries for their magnificence and beauty, compared to home!! however when it comes to the mentality and perspectives of the human-being race, im going to have to give it to the uk. not only have i lived in the uk till i was 16, more over i lived in the us till i was 22.. english/uk'(ies??) tell it how it is. we dont bullshit truths or try to give reason to be better than others. ( half the time doing for effect to compensate) but we live like we mean to, so fuck you america!!

219. Anonymous - July 8, 2014


220. Anonymous - July 11, 2014

We do have idiosyncrasies, but just like with any group, everyone is a little different, with Individual preferences. Some people are easy going, and others are very demanding and abrupt.

221. Brother Trucker - August 3, 2014

Pfft! in the U.S. we have toilets *that flush them-damn-selves* when we step away from them. 😉 Yeah, we pretty weird sometimes.

222. shelley - December 16, 2014

I think that your personal look at America and Americans is great! And I personally want to say thank you for pointing out the truth about a lot of stuffs….
I hope that I am able to travel to your home country and take notice at the differences!
Love your views!!!
American Shelley!
2014 December

Mick - December 23, 2014

Thanks Shelley!

223. Kate - May 28, 2015

Seriously people I’m so dissapointed. I’m American and I was raised with serious manners and politeness. I always include a “please” and often multiple “thank you’s” a night (example-if I’m out and being waited on) Also if I end up out with someone else that doesn’t have the best manners, I try to compensate by saying those things for them. I may be American but I think our differences make us all really beautiful, along with our homelands. I would love to go to Australia for example but to be honest, reading all these negative things that Australians are saying about, well… ME.. it makes me less excited to come see your beautiful country.. because I now know that I’m lumped in as “just another stupid American” and that makes me uncomfortable. One thing about Americans is that when people come to our country from places like where your from, we find your “odd” way of speaking or culture really cool and interesting. We wouldn’t say “Oh listen to that stupid Australian accent and the way they talk. They aren’t smart enough or polite enough. Freakin Australians”. I would never say something like that or even think it for that matter. Maybe us Americans are just more tolerant of different kinds of people. It does make me sad to read this though. True.

224. 11 fatos bizarros sobre os Estados Unidos que você provavelmente não sabia - Baianolandia - June 30, 2016

[…] We Know MemesBBC AmericaMick RadLiberal AmericaTech Insider IMAGENS Cyber Space and TimeAmily 12Jason VorheesEbayBeloved […]

225. Laughing (and cringing) at every other American - December 14, 2016

I cringed so many times at the other Americans in the comments… Honestly, Guys, you’re making us look bad. Take a joke, laugh at how accurate the description is and for all our sakes please, please use punctuation and correct spelling. I saw “we do 2 say your welcome” too often. Are you giving them the welcome? Use your brain. Perhaps try listening to Weird Al’s parody Word Crimes and take some notes.

226. James Rhile - September 15, 2017

America is the greatest country

227. Charlesepili - March 16, 2019

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228. EmanuelVesty - March 13, 2020

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229. Bradley Peter Harwood - February 17, 2022

Every day and every night the whole world is listening to the Americans talking shit and wondering where do the Americans get all this shit from. Some say the Shit house.

230. Bradley Peter Harwood - February 17, 2022

Every day and every night the whole world is listening to the Americans talking shit and wondering where do the Americans get all this shit from. Some say the Shit House in DC.

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